One Body

One Body
1 Corinthians 12:4-31
1 Corinthians 12:4
Now there are diversities of
gifts, but the same Spirit.
5: And there are
differences of
administrations, but the
same Lord.
Group harmony
is seldom achieved
without personal
6: And there are
diversities of operations,
but it is the same God
which worketh all in all.
Unity among believers
Comes from unity with Christ
As spokes get nearer the hub
They get closer together
7: But the manifestation
of the Spirit is given to
every man to profit withal.
8: For
to one is given by the Spirit
the word of wisdom; to
another the word of
knowledge by the same
9: To another faith
by the same Spirit; to
another the gifts of healing
by the same Spirit;
Big doors
swing on
little hinges
10: To another the
working of miracles; to
another prophecy; to
another discerning of spirits;
to another divers kinds of
tongues; to another the
of tongues:
11: But
all these worketh that one
and the selfsame Spirit,
dividing to every man
severally as he will.
All saints are not created equal
We each differ
• By His design as He wills
• By His Purpose in the world
• By his positioning in the body
• By His provision on our journey
• By His callings to His work
12: For as the body
is one, and hath many
members, and all the
members of that ONE
BODY, being many, are ONE
BODY: so also is Christ.
13: For by one Spirit
are we all baptized into ONE
BODY, whether we be Jews
or Gentiles, whether we be
bond or free; and have been
all made to drink into one
Great power in
From tiny
electrical charges
working together
14: For the body
is not one member, but
15: If the foot shall say,
Because I am not the hand,
I am not of the body; is it
therefore not of the body?
16: And if the ear shall say,
Because I am not the eye, I
am not of the body; is it
therefore not of the body?
17: If the whole body
were an eye, where were
the hearing? If the whole
were hearing, where were
the smelling?
Body part not mentioned
Bone of contention
18: But now hath God
set the members every one
of them in the body, as it
hath pleased him.
19: And if they
were all one member,
where were the body?
21: And the eye
cannot say unto the hand, I
have no need of thee: nor
again the head to the feet,
I have no need of you.
22: Nay, much more
those members of the body,
which seem to be more
feeble, are necessary:
Don’t believe in cooperation?
What happens when
a wheel
comes off
a car.
23: And those
members of the body,
which we think to be less
honorable, upon these we
bestow more abundant
honor; and our uncomely
parts have more abundant
24: For our comely parts
have no need: but God
hath tempered the body
together, having given
more abundant honor to
that part which lacked:
25: That there should be
no schism in the body; but
that the members should
have the same care one
for another.
26: And whether one
member suffer, all the
members suffer with it; or
one member be honored,
all the members rejoice
with it.
To be in tune with Christ
we must be in harmony
with one another
without discord among
Like a gear cog fits
27: Now ye are
the body of Christ, and
members in particular.
28: And God hath set
some in the church, first
apostles, secondarily prophets,
thirdly teachers, after that
miracles, then gifts of healings,
helps, governments, diversities
of tongues.
29: Are all apostles?
are all prophets?
are all teachers?
are all workers of miracles?
30: Have all
the gifts of healing?
do all speak with tongues?
do all interpret?
31: But covet earnestly
the best gifts: and yet shew
I unto you a more
excellent way.
I beseech you therefore,
brethren, by the mercies of
God, that ye present your
bodies a living sacrifice,
holy, acceptable unto God,
which is your
reasonable service.
Romans 12:1-8
2: And be not conformed
to this world: but be ye
transformed by the
renewing of your mind, that
ye may prove what is that
good, and acceptable, and
perfect, will of God.
3: For I say, through
the grace given unto me, to
every man that is among you,
not to think of himself more
highly than he ought to think;
but to think soberly, according
as God hath dealt to
every man the
measure of faith.
4: For as we have
many members in ONE
BODY, and all members
have not the same office:
As in a fresnel lens
each glass has a different
shape and position.
Together they shine miles away
5: So we, being many,
are ONE BODY in Christ,
and every one members
one of another.
6: Having then
gifts differing according to
the grace that is given to
us, whether prophecy, let
us prophesy according to
the proportion of faith;
7: Or ministry,
let us wait on our
ministering: or he that
teacheth, on teaching;
8: Or he that exhorteth,
on exhortation: he that
giveth, let him do it with
simplicity; he that ruleth,
with diligence; he that
sheweth mercy, with
And that he might reconcile
both unto God in ONE
BODY by the cross,
having slain the enmity
There is ONE BODY, and
one Spirit, even as ye are
called in one hope of your
And let the peace of God
rule in your hearts, to the
which also ye are called in
ONE BODY; and be ye
1 Corinthians 4:15-16
But speaking the truth in
love, may grow up into
him in all things, which is
the head, even Christ:
16: From whom
the whole body
fitly joined
together and
by that which
every joint
according to
the effectual working in the
measure of every part,
maketh increase of the body
unto the edifying of itself in
Coming together is a beginning
Working together
is key to success
Working together with Christ
is the POWER to succeed
(2 Cor 6:1 KJV) We then, as
workers together with him,
beseech you also that ye
receive not the grace of God
in vain.
You don’t have to be a hero to take
the lead, just have a tender heart
for others to do so!
A team that works
together succeeds
Keep an
eye out
for the
in life
that await

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