Research Presentation 21 May 2013_SHIKINREVIEW

Information Strategy Research Group (InfoSReG)
Information Systems Strategy is now becoming an essential part of any enterprise business strategy. It involves planning, introduction and use of IT
resources for the benefit of the whole enterprise which is led by the enterprise needs and not by the availability of the technology. InfoSReG focuses
on research that looks into ensuring that enterprises obtain the greatest possible value from its information resources and to enable its cost-effective
management and protection. The group believes that the introduction or expansion of information strategy and management must be linked to
specific business goals and tied to the achievement of business benefits. One of the aims of the group is to produce an information management
framework that can help an enterprise to isolate its information resources that are critical to its success, through a detailed understanding of its
context and environment.
This group have various experiences in research and consultancy projects in the related field such as developing the TNB ICT Masterplan, providing
professional services to UNITEN, TNB subsidiary as well as panel of studies on IT policies and governances at national level.
Other research interests are Business Information Strategy and Management, e-Business, Information and Knowledge Audit, Information
Representation, Information and Process Architecture, Issues in Systems and Technology Management, Information Governance, Business
Intelligence, Decision Support System.
What we can offer:
Become your research partners in developing best framework for Information Strategy and Information Management to be used by
industry practitioners
Provide excellent consultancy in the areas of Information Strategy, Management, Audit, and e-Business
Provide high quality and state-of-the-art training courses in related area
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Salbiah Mohamed Shariff
Tel: +603-89212300, Fax: 03-89212161
email: [email protected]
Sulfeeza Mohd Drus
Masyura Ahmad Faudzi
Alan Cheah Kah Hoe
Dr. Rosnafisah Sulaiman
Aliza Abdul Latif
Sharifah Junainah Syed Aziz
Corporate Environment
Corporate Strategy
Information Management
Knowledge Management Research
Group (KMRG)
Knowledge is recognized as an important asset in organisations. Knowledge
is the basis for, and the driver of, our post-industrial economy. It is the result
of learning which provides the only sustainable competitive advantage. In
today's economy, knowledge is people, money, leverage, learning, flexibility,
power, and competitive advantage. Knowledge is more relevant to sustain
business than capital, labour or land. Despite this, knowledge remains the
most neglected asset in many organisations, unlike other tangible and
physical assets.
What we can offer:
• Become your research partners in Knowledge Management and related
research areas.
• Provide excellent consultancy in Knowledge Management.
• Provide high quality and effective training courses in Knowledge
Management area.
Drawing on a history of knowledge-based systems going back almost two
decades, the importance of Knowledge Management (KM) to create an
organisation's competitive advantage has been widely recognized worldwide
in the government, public and private sectors.
Our KM research group was formed in 2011 and consists of academics,
research associates and research students who are actively involved in KM
research and related areas. The group has particular interests in the
managerial and behavioural aspects of KM in a variety of organisational
contexts, in both the private and public sector.
knowledge sharing
The research group focuses on investigating and identifying existing KM
management and delivery processes in any type of organisation. The group’s
research scope includes KM strategy and design, KM transition and
operation, and continuous KM improvement.
Our primary aims are:
• To promote best practices in knowledge management.
• To develop a dynamic exchange of ideas on knowledge management
research and practice.
• To facilitate the formation of partnerships among researchers and the
promotion of multi-disciplinary research.
• To review existing and new ideas for research projects.
• To work with industry and other organizations to promote research.
Zaihisma Che Cob
Tel: 03-89213467,
Fax: 03-89212161
email: [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd. Sharifuddin
Dr Marini Othman
Dr Rosnafisah Sulaiman
Ammuthavali A/p Ramasamy
Nor'ashikin Ali
Data Mining
Research Group (DMRG)
Data mining is the process of discovering new patterns from large data sets involving methods at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning,
statistics and database systems. The overall aim of the data mining process is to extract knowledge from a data set in a human-understandable structure by
using raw analysis step which involves database and data management aspects, data pre-processing, model and inference considerations, interestingness
metrics, complexity considerations, post-processing of found structure, visualization and online updating.
The DMRG was formed in 2010 by seven members who are actively involved in research and consultancy. The group has well-balanced skills and expertise;
one of the members is the database administrator (DBA) for UNITEN. The focus of this group is to render data mining services such as data understanding,
data preparation, modelling, testing and deployment.
Amongst the research work done by this group is developing a data mining model for College of IT (COIT) to predict students’ future results (CGPA). This
research obtained funding from the UNITEN grant from January 2010 to June 2011. The group is also actively involved in a few consultancy works with
regards to data mining projects.
What we can offer
Provide excellent consultancy in the areas of Data Mining in business processes that involves large databases.
Become your research partners in developing DM models to achieve better and more informed decision making.
Provide training and short courses in the related area.
Alan Cheah Kah Hoe
Tel: 03-89213328, Fax: 03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd. Sharifuddin Ahmad
Mohammad Shukeri Yusuff
Zaihisma Che Cob
Saraswathy Shamini Gunasekaran
Mohana Shanmugam
Ammuthavali Ramasamy
E-Health Research Group
e-Health Research group is a group established with the aim to improve the delivery of healthcare services in Malaysian healthcare industry. Innovation
in health information technology may help healthcare industry to realize the potential of information systems and to maximize the benefits of IT
applications. The integration of ICT and other discipline in healthcare environment will assist healthcare organizations to implement successful IS in
healthcare and innovative IT use among patients.
Specifically, this group is keen to assist Malaysian healthcare industry to realize the full potential of information systems to help deliver better quality of
healthcare services at low cost. Apart from that we will evaluate the success of current information systems (IS) in health and improve them to maximize
the potential of IT in health. The important initial research is to address information systems issues in healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services
such as social and ethical issues. We will focus on improving ways in evaluating the IT deployment in healthcare organizations in Malaysia. At the same
time, we will aim at improving patient care through innovative use of IT among medical practitioners.
With the establishment of COIT e-Health Research group, issues pertaining to healthcare information technology can be addressed in a concerted
manner through the collaboration with healthcare industry and Malaysian Ministry of Health. The establishment of COIT e-Health Research group can
also contribute to the growth of healthcare industry in Malaysia and promote Malaysia to be internationally recognized as provider of high quality
healthcare services. Thus, the mission of Malaysia healthcare to be the preferred destination for world-class healthcare services can be achieved.
Nor’ashikin Ali
Tel: 03-89213340, Fax: 03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
Noorazizun Mohd Saad
Dr. Hidayah Sulaiman
Izyana Ariffin
What we can offer:
• Become your research partners in IT and healthcare and related areas.
• Provide excellent consultancy in IT in healthcare.
• Provide a knowledge sharing platform through short courses and workshops.
Computer Aided Learning and Multimedia Software
(CALMUS) Research Group
CALMUS group is established to spearhead research and innovation work in the application of these technologies to education and training. The
technologies and methodologies investigated will form the basis for new multimedia teaching and learning products and generate further research in
the leading edge technologies for the country and various domains. The main objective is to increase productivity, improve software quality, and design
better CAL software packages for learning. The group has setup a working lab with powerful machines with specialized Augmented and Virtual Reality
equipment which can be used to carry out research projects in CAL.
Area of interest: Computer Aided Learning, Multimedia, Virtual and Augmented Reality. Patterns of Interactions, User Interface Design for multimedia
On-going research projects:
Development of Computer Augmented Reality Engineering Mechanics Learning System (CAREMeLS).
What we can offer:
Become your research partners in developing best framework for Multimedia contents development
Provide excellent consultancy in the areas of IT (user interface design, e-learning, courseware development, 3D visualizations & Augmented reality
applications for advertisement)
Provide high quality and state-of-the-art training courses in related area
Associate Prof. Dr. Manjit Singh Sidhu
Tel: 03 8921 2386
Fax: 03 8921 2161
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Chen Soong Der
Mohd Anwar Muslimen
External Member:
Lee Chen Kang
Game Intelligence (GI) Group
The GI group focuses on the development of intelligent systems and their underlying technologies by using games as a
domain of research and investigation. At the discretion of the coordinator, the group includes – by association on
previous, current and existing projects – international experts in artificial intelligence (AI), psychology, clinical neurology
and computer gaming.
Human beings are usually able to tackle a wide variety of intelligent tasks such as evaluating aesthetics (beauty) in objects,
creating such objects using their creativity, and devising novel strategies and tactics for use in computer gaming or for
military purposes. Existing AI technologies may not always be suitable or even applicable to these areas and others like it.
Our goal is therefore the development of primarily application-specific computational technologies that simulate human
capabilities in such areas. The usual advantages are increased productivity/performance, and reduced costs.
The GI group associates have obtained many external research grants (both as individuals and as a group) collectively
worth millions and its members do have experience collaborating with industry players. We also have an extensive list of
top tier academic publications related to our research projects and interests.
Our services, based on associate availability, include:
Consultancy in the development of AI-related technologies in most areas (not specifically games)
Consultancy in the development of undergraduate and graduate teaching/learning materials in AI, computer
gaming and related areas
Consultancy in any advisory capacity related to our areas of expertise
Dr. Mohammed Azlan Bin Mohamed Iqbal
Tel: 03-89212334, Fax: 03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
Cameron Browne, Ph.D. (Queensland University of Technology, Australia; Imperial College, UK)
Georgiev Lj. Dejan, M.D. (Department of Neurology, University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia) – Ph.D. candidate
Harold van der Heijden, Ph.D. (Netherlands)
Jana Krivec (Woman Grandmaster; Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) – Ph.D. candidate
Matej Guid, Ph.D. (FIDE Master; University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Simon Colton, Ph.D. (Imperial College, UK)
Image Processing Research Group
IPRG is established to spearhead research and innovation work in image processing. IPRG is a group of researchers who share an interest to join in the
evolution of image processing research domains. Our general research area is in computational techniques for image processing. IPRG is part of UNITEN
Department of Graphics & Multimedia. We have collaboration with other university such as UPM and UM.
Area of interest: Image / Video Quality Assessment Algorithm, Image / Video Enhancement, Image/ Video Compression & Computer Vision (Facial
On-going research projects:
•Modeling Human Visual Perception of Distortions in Image Contrast Enhancement
•Attendance Recording Systems with Facial Verification
What we can offer:
Become your research partners in developing cutting edge technologies in image processing
Provide excellent consultancy in the areas of image processing (Image/Video Quality Assessment, Enhancement, Compression & facial verification)
Provide high quality and state-of-the-art training courses in related area
Dr. Chen Soong Der
Tel: 03 8921 2383
Fax: 03 8921 2161
Email: [email protected]
Yusra Al-Najjar
Hassan Thabit
Nur Hanani Azami
External Member:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abd. Rahman Ramli (UPM)
Dr. Ng Liang Shing (UM)
Mixed Reality and Computer Modelling
(MiRComM) Group
Computers have changed the way we live. The diverse application of computers in our daily lives can be attributed to the ease of using a computer,
its increasing level of ‘user friendliness’, the decreasing price of computers and the ever increasing power of its processing ability. Advanced
computer graphics rendering algorithms which harness the high processing power of computers (and GPUs) have been developed. These
improvements in computer graphics technology (hardware, software and techniques) have lead to many diverse areas of application such as
Human Computer Interaction, photorealistic rendering, simulation and visualization, computer animation and gaming, 3D modeling application,
and Mixed Reality technology.
The formation of the Mixed Reality and Computer Modeling Research Group (MiRComM) is to consolidate all related research endeavors within
the realm of Computer Animation and Modeling, Mixed Reality and Human-Computer Interaction technology in Universiti Tenaga Nasional
(UNITEN). It is hoped that, through this research group, research works by various researchers at UNITEN (particularly at the College of IT) can be
orchestrated in a concerted manner and unified under one cluster.
Areas of interest: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Computer Modeling and Animations, Human Computer Interaction.
What we can offer
Become your research partners in the area of computer animation and
modeling, augmented reality and HCI.
Provide consultancy , training and short courses in the related area.
Coordinator :
Mr . Ridha Omar
Tel: 03-89212020 Fax:03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
TJ Iskandar Abdul Aziz
Lim Kok Cheng
Shazril Azman
Embedded Systems Research
and Development Group
Embedded Systems (ES) Group is a newly formed group with the intent of creating interest and awareness on the role of IT/CS discipline in Embedded
Systems Development and Programming. Embedded System is an area that overlaps the two areas of Electronic and Computer Science. Most of the
time, computer students find it very difficult to program with ‘raw’ processors. By having an active research group of embedded researchers in the
College of Information Technology,
it is hoped that would spark an interest in the students as well to see the area of embedded systems as another potential area in computers science.
Embedded system is a rapidly growing industry where growth opportunities are numerous. In India, the subcontracting of embedded software
development to Indian companies has been prevalent for the last decade. Embedded systems market, which is one of the key drivers of Indian R&D off
shoring and is currently pegged at around US$ 25 billion globally, growing at a 16% compound annual growth rate. With the enormous opportunities in
embedded software development, it is our aspirations that Malaysia would one day be a serious contender in the field.
Area of interest: Embedded Systems Development, C programming, Assembly Programming, Curriculum development in Embedded Systems.
On-going research and consultancy projects:
• Introducing Embedded System Design and Development to Secondary School Children – A Community and Technology based Project - E-Science
Project, MOSTI. (06-02-03-SF0185)
• Teaching and Learning Programming Through Robotics - a consultancy job with SIRIM Berhad.
Dr. Azizah Suliman
What we can offer:
Tel: 603 8921 2390 ,
Provide trainings in Embedded Systems Programming and Embedded Systems Development.
Fax: 603 8921 2161
Developing teaching and learning modules and training kits for Embedded Systems.
Email: [email protected]
Provide consultancy in the area of Embedded Systems Design and Development.
Dr. Marini Othman
Dr. Salman Yusoff
Surizal Nazeri
Nursyazana Nazri
Centre of Agent Technology
Research in intelligent agents has progressed over more than a decade emerging from research in distributed
artificial intelligence and distributed computing. The prime motivation for developing intelligent agent
technology stems from the demand for agent that can interoperate by exchanging information and services
with other programs, thereby solving problems that cannot be solved in isolation.
Motivated to become the first research centre in the area of Agent Technology, the Centre of Agent
Technology (CAT) is established to become the leader in the development of a new agent technology based on
intelligent software agents’ paradigm. This includes the research on agent-based systems architecture
including standards for agent development and communication, the development of robust and agile software
agent framework and the application of industry standard agent-based software systems.
Headed by a group of competent and dynamic researchers, coupled by good track record of securing
competitive grants (2 FRGS and 1 ERGS worth RM140,000 in total ) and committed collaborators from
established universities (UiTM and UPM), the centre is committed to deliver quality research and consultancy
activities related to Agent Technology. Some of the potential research and consultancy areas provided by this
centre are:
• Multi-agent Systems Architecture, Social and Normative Agent, Emotion-endowed Agent, Agent
Negotiation, Interface Agent, Decision Support Agent, Agent Mining
• Agent Delegation, Coordination and Monitoring, Agent Trust and Networking ,Agent Communication
Language, Agent Development Platform, Semantic Agent, Ontology and Information Agents
Thus far, CAT has produced a PhD and three master’s degree students and published more than 40 papers in
indexed journal and conferences (ISI, SCOPUS). Currently, there are 5 PhDs and 4 Masters Students
(international and local) undertaking their studies under the supervision of CAT members. In addition, CAT has
also managed to secure several medals (1 Silver and 2 Bronzes) in several research and innovation expo. Please
contact us for more details.
Centre of Agent Technology
List of on-going projects secured by CAT
Title of Research
Grant’s Name
Start Date
End Date
Formulating Norms Detection and Assimilation in MultiAgent System
24 month
1 July 2011
30 Jun 2013
Modelling Delegation Of Agents Roles In A Cooperative
Multi-Agent System Based On Normative Governance Of
Individual And Society Concepts
24 months
1 September 2010
31 Ogos 2012
Modelling Rules and Norms For Multi-Agent Systems
Based on the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
24 months
1 Mac 2010
30 Mac 2012
What we can offer
• Become your research partners in the development of agent technology.
• Provide excellence consultancy and short courses in the related area.
Dr. Azhana Ahmad
Tel:03-89212346 Fax:03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
Members: Mohd Zaliman Mohd Yusoff
Associate Professor Dr. Mohd. Sharifuddin Ahmad
Dr. Alicia Tang Yee Chong
Center of Information and Network Security
Information and network security issues have progressively become a major concern in both business and research communities. The ever increasing
complexity and scope of attacks performed by criminals have further amplified the need to sufficiently secure our valuable information and the networks
surrounding it. Inspired by these circumstances, the Center of Information and Network Security (CoINS) has been established to become the centre and
the reference point for the industry and academia alike, to address the major security issues and propose suitable, effective and up-to-date solutions.
Members of CoINS are actively involved in various cutting-edge research, consultancy, collaboration, training and education programs on different issues
related to information security. This group has acquired a well-balanced expertise that enabled the members to provide the necessary services related to
information and network security to both internal and external clients.
Our areas of interest are cryptography, security protocols, copyright protection, digital forensics, smart grid security, mobile agents security, privacy, P2P
networks security, wireless networks security, privacy, trust management and reputation system in ecommerce, mobile ad hoc security, access control
and database security
Among the research grants already acquired are: The authorship attribution techniques and The formulation of provably secure structure of cryptographic
hash function based on cellular automata. CoINS has also established an excellent research & industry collaborations with Tenaga Nasional Nasional
Berhad (via TNBR & TNB-ICT) and Cyber Security Malaysia as part of our knowledge dissemination aspiration to society.
What we can offer:
Become your research partner in the related areas of information and network security.
Provide excellent consultancy services and ready to be active collaborator in the related areas of
information and network security, especially in Smart Grid, Crypto and Digital Forensics.
Provide high quality and state-of-the-art training courses in information and network security
related areas.
Associate Professor Dr Roslan Ismail
Tel: 03 - 89212338 (DL)
Fax no: 03 - 89212161
H/P: 0193010235
Email: [email protected]
Yunus Yusoff – Deputy Head
Dr Salman Yussof
Dr. Asmidar Abu Bakar
Azimah Abdul Ghapar
Dr. Norziana Jamil
Dr Mohd Zaliman Mohd Yusoff
(Associate Member)
With the fast development and extensive application of information and communication technology (ICT), information industry has already become a
strong dynamic hauling force for any economic growth. As the kernel and soul of the information industry, software has penetrated into nearly every aspect
of economic and has caused profound changes in enhancing efficiency for industries of manufacturing, agriculture, services and social management. As a
result, software and information service industry has become the most important and strategic industry of the world.
In year 2009, this research centre was founded and it was previously known as the Software Engineering or Systems Engineering Research Centre (SERC).
This centre provides a bridge between our researchers in COIT at UNITEN and the ICT industry. CSI aims to work with commercial and government ICT
organisations to enhance their innovation potential and develop smarter software applications and solutions more quickly.
The centre currently consists of seven (7) ambitious members who have blended expertise including IREB Certified Professional for Requirement
Engineering (CPRE), ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL), PSMB certified trainer, ITIL certified consultant as well as experienced educators and
industry practitioners. We have domain knowledge in the areas involving CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV), Natural Language Processing (NLP),
biometric applications and are well exposed to world-widely used GIS software such as GE Smallworld and Tekla Xpower.
At the moment, our main research and consultancy activities centre around two focus groups:
Software Testing and Quality Assurance (STQA)
Geographical Information System (GIS)
Among research experiences done by members of the centre include development of a framework to help Malaysian software development companies
assess and improve their requirements engineering practices based on the de-facto CMMI-DEV maturity framework and a Malay grammar checker system
prototype. Other research participated include an exploratory study on internet addiction among Malaysian tertiary education students and development
of an intelligent automatic signature verification system.
What we can offer:
Become your research partners in the advancement of software engineering
practices and geographical information science
Provide transfer of technology in methodologies and best practices of software
testing, QA, and GIS
Provide excellent consultancy in the development of quality software applications in
various domains
Provide high quality and state-of-the-art training courses in related area
Dr. Badariah Solemon
Tel: 03-89212369, Fax: 03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
Deputy Head:
Suhaimi Abd Rahman
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslan Ismail (Associate Member)
Izyana Ariffin
Lim Kok Cheng
Marina Md Din
Rina Md Anwar
Center for Information Governance, Management
and Audit (CIGMA)
Center for Information Governance, Management, and Audit or in a short form CIGMA (pronounced as sig-ma) is formed to combine three
existing research groups: Information Strategy, ICT Governance and Value Chain Structure, and eHealth under one center. This group has a
well balanced expertise ranging from certified members in ITIL to well experienced educators, practitioners and collaborators in this research
area. IT Governance focuses specifically on information technology systems, their performance and risk management. The primary goals of IT
Governance are to assure that the investments in IT generate business value, and to mitigate the risks that are associated with IT.
• Promote and develop the research capabilities and the professional activities.
• Initiate research projects that will strengthen its role as a center for information, governance, management and audit.
• Establish relationship for collaboration with industry, and academic institutions.
• Provide consultancy services to government and industry.
CIGMA has managed to secure external grants and consultancy more than RM1 million, 2 FRGS grants, and 1 LRGS grant in addition to 4 seed
funds. This center also has M.IT Graduates, and Ph.D Graduates. A number of publications have been produced. Other activities include
organizing events such as SIGMA2012 (20th June, 2012), and eHealth Symposium 2013 (26th June, 2013). The centre has collaboration
partners such as ISACA and United Nations University-International Institute of Global Health (UNU-IIGH).
Nor’ashikin Ali
Tel: 03-89212020, Fax: 03-89212161
Email: [email protected]
What we can offer:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siti Salbiah
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainuddin Hassan
Dr Marini Othman
Dr. Azizah Suliman
Dr. Rosnafisah
Dr Hidayah Sulaiman
Ammuthavali Ramasamy
Haniza Yahya
Rohaini Ramli
Marina Din
Aliza Abdul Latif
Become your research partners in
developing best framework for IT
governance to be used by industry
Provide excellent consultancy in the
areas of IT governance,
management and audit
Provide high quality and state-ofthe-art training courses in related

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