CIT Update meets KEEN 2.0

Kern Entrepreneurial Education
Network (KEEN)
KEEN Vision: “to graduate engineers who will
contribute to business success, and in doing so,
transform the American workforce”
Kern Family Foundation
Equipping young Americans to become tomorrow's
leaders and innovators.
• Drs. Robert and Patricia Kern – Lifetime
entrepreneurs and founders of Generac
Holdings Inc. (NYSE: GNRC)
• Foundation Involvement
– K-12 Education Reform
– Faith, Work, and Economics
• KEEN is represented by 20+ member
universities from across America
• Foundation sunset in 2035
Objective KEEN Student Outcomes
• Enterprising Attitude
– Attributes: Curiosity, definition, persistence,
resourcefulness, business opportunity
• Multidimensional Problem Solving
– Ambiguous and complex situations
• Illuminating Communication
– Collaboration & understanding
• Resolute Integrity
– Ethics and societal awareness & contribution
Overview of Grants Funded
Planning Grant
• Tech Entrepreneurship Certificate Program
• KEEN Innovators – Faculty Proposals
• KEEN Innovators – Expanded Program
• TE Fellows Program
Helping Hands Dense Network (HHDN)
• Intrapreneurship End-to-End Education (IE3)
• Intercollegiate Design Programs
“Helping Hands” Dense Network
• Individual grants awarded to four KEEN schools
with complementary strengths
– Intercollegiate Student Design Projects
– Intrapreneurship End-to-end Education (IE3)
• Baylor/UDM and Villanova/Dayton formed
somewhat independent teams based on cultural
alignment – working toward similar objectives
As part of IE3, HHDN universities conducted Iship
study with 16 companies / agencies
Phase 3
Phase 1
ID Key Competencies
• Corporate visits
• Engage and understand
culture, stories, examples
• Identify key skills
Phase 2
Iship Best Practices
• Ongoing work
• Evaluation and
for curriculum
• Broad sweep of
universities evaluated
• Compile findings
• Publish and present
results for feedback
Key competency areas identified in
order of importance to companies
Communication / Value Proposition
Ideation / Innovation
Technical competence
Intellectual property
Experimenter / modeler
Anthropologist (cultural awareness)
T-shaped engineer
IE3 – Corporate Intrapreneurship Training
• Began with SuperCoach® Entrepreneurship Training from
Enable Ventures in 2005
• Developed Corporate Intrapreneurship Training
– Capstone “Technology Entrepreneurship” course
– Four-day workshop
– i5 international venue
• Focused on commercialization – no
design or innovation component
• Transferable curriculum
– 22 video segments captured (e.g. IP, comms)
– Available for purchase at
– Joint project underway with UDM to incorporate
front-end and back-end of innovation
• Innovation Engineering (Eureka Ranch) black belt training
and certification underway
Intercollegiate Design Projects
• Students from Baylor and UDM joined forces with
UDM nursing students to create designs for
handicapped VA patients
• Students meet face-to-face three times
– Client visit – requirements definition
– Detailed design review
– Client presentation
• Students learn:
– Communications and team dynamics in a remote
– Entrepreneurial opportunities
– Job-like experience that enhances resume and
interview skills
Standup Wheel Chair / Walker
Designed for disabled veteran at Detroit VA
Bed with Built-In Potty
Click to Watch Video
Even the best ideas and inventions in the world have no value until they
have a customer. – Jim Clifton, The Coming Jobs War
Building the Bridge from Innovation
to Value Creation
• Skills Components can be taught
• Business Analysis
• Strategy Development
• Customer/Market Insight
• Collaboration
• Communications
• Mindset Components must be experienced
• Pre: The stuff people do who couldn’t
handle the math
• Post: True appreciation and partnership
• Marker: “If you get the technology right, the rest
will fall into place.”
• Evidence: 90% of USTPO patents fail to generate revenue
• Strong E-School and B-School collaboration & education
Engineers are natural innovators. Entrepreneurially minded engineers are market
informed, solution oriented, and focused on value creation.

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