Golden Rule of Customer Service

By Ed Landauer, C.Q.E., P.E.
May 8, 2012
Topics / Agenda
 Introduction
 First Impressions
 Contrasting Lobbies
 Steps to Take
 Summary
Golden Rule of Customer Service
“Treat your customers the way you
would like to be treated.”
Entrance to Fast Food Restaurant
 7 signs on door or adjoining windows
 All positive
 Caution- Wet floor
 Information at counters is positive
Entrance to a Post Office
 12 feet from door to counter
 12 “No” signs in this distance
 “I feel negative” while waiting
Call to Phone Company
 End of a hard day
 Received first phone bill
 Called Customer Service
 Answered with the statement “How can I make this
the best part of your day?”
Goal of First Impression
 Make the customer feel positive
 Make the customer want to return
 Have the customer tell others about
Contrasting Lobbies
 Two manufacturing companies
 Common safety/security issues
 Enter into lobby area
 Similar size
 One lobby unattended/Other is attended
Attended Lobby Area
• Plain looking/no furniture
• Attendant behind plate glass window
• Sign –in sheet on counter
• Talk loud/attendant calls contact
• Contact brings badge
Unattended Lobby Area
 Brightly painted with small table and chair
 Flower arrangement and candy on table
 Phone and directory on table
 Person greets you with a smile
Comparison of Lobbies
 Thought went into set-up of unattended lobby
 Felt positive upon entering
 Wanted a continued relationship
 Attended Lobby
 Not sure focus was on the customer
 Just wanted to get out
Steps You Can take
 Evaluate a customer’s first impression
 Act like a customer
 Call your company
 Evaluate your website
Steps You Can Take
 Ask customers how they feel about contact
 Are there recommendations for improvement
 Continue to improve the process
 Are your customers happy with the first impression of
your company?
 Have you evaluated the first impression?
 Can you improve the first impression?
 Are you willing to do it?
Thank You!
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