Windows Azure Platform Roadmap

Windows Azure Platform Roadmap
Eric Nelson
Application Architect, Microsoft ISV Team
[email protected]
Looking Back
Exciting 3 years
Announced SQL Azure Relational DB
October 2008
Windows Azure Platform generally available
November 2009
March 2009
• Announced the Windows Azure Platform
• First CTP of the Windows Azure Platform
June 2010
February 2010
• Updated Windows Azure CTP
• Announced VM Role, Project
Sydney, and Windows Azure
Platform pricing and SLAs
• Enabled Full Trust & PHP, Java,
etc. applications
• Project “Dallas” CTP
• Windows Azure Update
• .NET Framework 4
• OS Versioning
• SQL Azure Update
• 50GB databases
• Spatial data support
• DAC support
Helping to steer our direction…
Then along came PDC 2010
October 2010
Announcements for Windows Azure, SQL Azure and AppFabric
Windows Azure November 2010 Update
Implemented many requested features
New Windows Azure Platform Management Portal
Multiple Service Administrators (co-admins)
Remote Desktop
Full IIS
Windows Server 2008 R2 & IIS 7.5
Elevated Privileges (Admin mode)
Windows Azure Connect (CTP)
Windows Azure Virtual Machine Role (beta)
Extra Small Instances (beta)
Full IIS
Enabling new scenarios
Web Roles previously using Hosted Web Core
• Only supported a single HTTP or HTTPS
Web Roles now supporting Full IIS 7.0/7.5
Enables new scenarios
• Multiple IIS web sites
• Multiple virtual directories
• Configure IIS extensions
• Web Deploy for rapid development
Startup Tasks & Admin Mode
Enables short, unattended setups on role startup
Silent MSIs, COM Components, Registry Keys,
Configuring Windows Server Roles, etc.
<WebRole name="foo">
<Task commandline="relative\path\ToSetupExecutable.cmd"
Startup Tasks
Enable Classic ASP using
Register COM Objects
Install AP.NET MVC 3 using webpi
Full IIS
Multiple Web Sites in the same Web Role
SQL Azure
Lots done, lots more to do
Frequent small updates to the released service
• E.g. five between Feb. 2010 and Oct. 2010
• Enhanced compatibility between SQL Azure
and SQL Server
Latest is the May Update
Plus a Labs environment
SQL Azure May Update
Something for everyone
SQL Azure Management REST API
• a web API for managing SQL Azure servers.
Multiple servers per subscription
• multiple SQL Azure servers per subscription.
JDBC Driver
• updated database driver for Java applications
DAC Framework 1.1
• easier to deploy databases and in-place upgrades
on SQL Azure.
SQL Azure Labs
Previews of new features
• SQL Azure OData Service
• Access to SQL Azure databases using Microsoft's
Open Data Protocol (OData)
• SQL Azure Data Sync (code-named Huron)
• Sync data between SQL Server and SQL Azure
• SQL Azure Import/Export
• Import and Export data (DAC 2.0 Feature CTP)
Management API
Lots done, lots more to do (sound familiar)
April Update gave Caching, Access Control Services
V 2.0
Offers a Labs environment to try new features
• May CTP live
• June CTP announced
AppFabric Labs
Previews of new features - May CTP
• New messaging infrastructure and durable
• Unlimited sequences
• Auto “no duplicates”
• Scheduled delivery
• Publish and Subscribe using Queues
• Subscription filters
What to look forward to…
Jam today, Jam tomorrow
Extra Small compute instance
Windows Azure VM Role
SQL Azure Backup and Restore
SQL Azure Federations
SQL Azure codename “Austin”
AppFabric Developer Tools
AppFabric Application Manager
AppFabric Composition Model
Windows Azure Platform Appliance
VM Role Support for Windows Server 2003
VM Role Support for Windows Server 2008 SP2
Constructing VM role images in the cloud
Improved support for Java
Windows Azure Connect
Windows Azure Traffic Manager
SQL Azure OData Service (labs)
SQL Azure Reporting (Limited CTP)
SQL Azure Data Sync (labs)
AppFabric Service Bus
enhancements (labs)
Tell us what you want…
Last week at TechEd
Windows Azure
• Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7 v1.2 Released
• ACS 2.0 support, Windows Azure storage queues
SQL Azure
• SQL Azure May 2011 Update
• new REST API, multiple servers, updated JDBC driver, DAC
Framework 1.1
• Codename “Austin” Announced
• Microsoft StreamInsight as a service on Azure
• AppFabric June CTP Announced
• June CTP AppFabric Developer Tools, Application Manager
• Composition Model
• AppFabric Service Bus May CTP Released
• Improved Queues, new pub/sub etc
Enjoy today, look forward to tomorrow
The Windows Azure Platform is very complete today
• Plan and code using todays features and
• Explore the future features and capabilities
• Tell us what is missing
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