Using the Continuum of Teaching Practice PowerPoint

Using the
Continuum of
Teaching Practice
Steps For Completing E-2.1
(Self assessment of CSTP) prior to meeting with
your Support Provider.
Step 1: Prepare Materials
•Open up the Continuum of Teaching Practice on your screen. Choose the
word version. You may choose to print it out. Note that it is 48 pages long. This
is your informative worksheet. You may take notes on this electronically or on
•Open up E-2.1 (Self Assessment of CSTP) on your screen or print. This may
be easier to fill in on paper. It is only 3 pages long. This is your documentation
of reflection and will be handed in.
Step 2: Become Acquainted with levels
•Read pages 4-6 of the Continuum to get a feel for how you will be describing
your teaching practice.
•Note that these are general descriptions for overarching standards. You will
be reflecting on the individual elements of the CSTP. There are 38 of these!
Page 4 of the Continuum
Developmental Levels Described
Example of analysis
Underlining verbs or
phrases can help define
differences between levels.
How Levels are Described for Each Element
Sample for CSTP 1.3
• Use The Continuum to determine a level and cite
• Place result on E-2.1
Page 10 of the Continuum
I look at the description of my
work and students and
determine a level
I cite specific evidence for my
choice of level.
Place Result on E-2.1
• Place your level for each element on E-2.1 either as
you fill out a continuum worksheet or after all
worksheets are done.
• Fill in E-21 by placing a code in the desired column.
Codes are on bottom of each page of E-2.1.
Place code here
You may not have specific evidence for each element of the CSTP.
You will perform this twice if in Year 1, three times if Year 2: After
Assessment of Teaching and Learning and after each Individual
Induction Plan (IIP).
You will need to choose a different color for each time you reflect on
your self assessment using the Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP).
This reflection and discussion with your support provider is part of what
defines your Individual Induction Plan (IIP).

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