Indiana Reentry Courts

Indiana Reentry
Courts: How to?
2012 IACCAC Fall Conference
November 8, 2012
Indianapolis, IN
History of Indiana
Reentry Courts
 First
in 2001 – Allen County
 Guided
 Eight
by IC 33-23-16 and PSC Rules
in operation
 Several
in the planning stages
What is reentry court?
Targets offenders released from incarceration
Focus on risk and needs, wrap around
services, public safety
Increased supervision
Team approach
Judicial involvement
Statutory Authority
IC 33-23-16-9
"Reentry court"
Sec. 9. As used in this chapter, "reentry court" means a problem
solving court that is focused on the needs of individuals who reenter
the community after a period of incarceration and that may
provide a range of necessary reintegration services for eligible
individuals, including the following:
(1) Supervision.
(2) Offender assessment.
(3) Judicial involvement.
(4) Case management and services.
(5) Program evaluation.
(6) Counseling.
(7) Rehabilitative care.
As added by P.L.108-2010, SEC.4.
Court jurisdiction –
who is eligible ?
Released from incarceration on:
 Parole
 Community corrections, and
Meets local eligibility criteria.
No statutory exclusion criteria.
Partnerships – Team
 Judge
(purposeful incarceration)
 Community corrections / CTP
 Probation and parole
 Prosecutor
 Defense
 Service providers
Reentry Framework
 Principles
 10
of Effective Interventions
KC of Drug Courts
drafting reentry specific
Reentry participants
 May
have diverse criminal history
 Increased
antisocial attitudes
 Disruption
of social supports due to
 May
be willing to finish time at DOC
Court must…
 Develop
partnerships with DOC,
probation, parole services, parole board
 Train
team to work with high risk
 Avoid
supervision effect
 Order
reentry on the front end
What does the research say?
 Mixed
 Supervision
 Variation
 Need
and services matter
in models makes generalizing
more research
Establishing a Reentry Court
Notify IJC in the planning process
Review statutes and rules
Identify a team
Develop policies and procedures
Submit application for certification
Obtain certification by IJC
Why be certified?
 Training
and support from IJC
 Ability
to collect user fee authorized by IC
 Additional
points on ICJI applications
Mary Kay Hudson, Director of Court Services
Indiana Judicial Center
[email protected]
Diane Mains, Staff Attorney
Indiana Judicial Center
[email protected]
For more information:
Mary Kay Hudson
Problem-Solving Court Administrator
Indiana Judicial Center
(317) 234-0106
[email protected]

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