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Clinical Forum – Learning Disabilities
Managing access to social media with
intellectually disabled offenders
Dr Amanda McKenzie
Principal Clinical Psychologist
T: 01224 557142
E: [email protected]
NHSG Forensic LD Service
Integrated Model – core team
IP Unit – Fern CSU
Virtual Team
2 Referral sources:
Intra-team vs. Legal
Case Vignette – Mr A
Clinical Profile:
42 y.o. male
Looks much younger
Mild LD (Borderline non-verbal abilities)
Memory problems – esp. Working Memory
Expressive vs. Receptive Communication
Compensatory strategies
Seen by Generic & Forensic LD Psychiatry –
no MI, no PD. Criteria for use of civil
legislation not met
• Lives with parents – family supportive
• Had been in regular employment till index
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Referred 2007 – Solicitor
5 Charges:
1. BoP – sexual comments/graffiti
2. BoP – sexual comments to minors
3. Public Indecency
4. Contravention of Sec.127(1) (A) of
the Communications Act 2003
5. Lewd, Indecent & Libidinous
Practices & Behaviour
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Convicted of charges 1-4
• PO – 2 years
• Joint offence focused work with CJSW
& CP
• RSO – 2 years
• Schedule 1 Offender – 2 years
• MAPPA Level 2 – 2 years
Case Vignette – Mr A
Additional Charge:
• Failure to comply with notification
requirements of Part II of the
Sexual Offences Act 2003
• Found Not Guilty due to LD/low
reading age
Case Vignette – Mr A
• 2008 – charged with offences under
Sec.127(1) (A) of the Communications Act
• PF’s Release
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Referred 2011 – SCS
1. Public Indecency
2. Public Indecency
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Convicted of 2 charges
• CPO – 2 years
• CSOGP/JSOP – CP & CJSW, modified
CBT, 2:1
• 180 hours unpaid work
• RSO – 5 years
• MAPPA Level 2 – 5 years
Case Vignette – Mr A
CP Ax/Risk Formulation:
Deviance – SSKAT & QACSO
Poor socio-sexual and problem solving skills
Age Discrimination
Lack of Insight
External LOC
Lack of Victim Empathy
Poor Impulse Control
Case Vignette – Mr A
CP Ax/Risk Formulation:
Lack of generalisation of remedial relapse
prevention strategies
Intense sexual pre-occupation & inability to
delay gratification – high levels of sexual
Inappropriate sexual fantasies –
? Escalation from non-contact to contact
Unable to attend Young Sex Offenders’
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Concerns of risk of harm arose during 2011
Ax – disclosure to Police +
Ongoing MAPPA concerns re: diversity,
escalation, chronicity & severity:
o Offence Paralleling Behaviours (OPBs)
o Grooming of female adolescents
o Relationships with women with children –
LAC concerns
Case Vignette – Mr A
o Access to pornography –
Internet/Film & TV/Magazines
o Ongoing inappropriate use of smartphone – MMS/SMS
o Pre-occupation with sex
o Increase in masturbation & fantasy
o Ongoing inappropriate use of social
media – Bebo/Facebook etc
o Ongoing use of dating sites –
Case Vignette – Mr A
o Use of binoculars in public places frequented
by families/young women – “plane spotting”
o Walking the dog in parks (linked to MO)
o Mobility – bicycle; driving lessons
o Phoning sex chat lines – banned from
landline by parents due to bills
o Frequently changes mobile numbers/e-mail
addresses – police believe has forensic
o Has young nieces/nephews – parents do not
allow unsupervised access
Case Vignette – Mr A
o Disclosure to Psychiatrist of
homosexual assault in past, not charged
o Disclosure of homosexual fantasies and
previous same sex encounters – but also
homophobic beliefs
o Disclosure of sexual feelings towards
young female CJSW
o Escalation in alcohol consumption
o Continues to seek employment
inconsistent with RSO status
Case Vignette – Mr A
Current Management:
• Complies within statutory framework –
• Risk Ax – RM2000, LS/CMI, HCR-20 = high risk
of recidivism
• Application for a Sexual Offences Prevention
Order (SOPO):
1. Prohibit all contact with minors
2. Monitor Mr A in public places
3. Prohibit purchase and use of
mobile/internet and other media
4. Prohibit access to designated children's’
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Referral to SW:
1. Lack of meaningful activities and
2. Appropriate supported
3. Move towards supported specialist
Case Vignette – Mr A
• Ongoing CSOGP/JSOP with input
from CP – progress is slow!
• Reinforcement from CFLDN
• Long Term need for External
Supervision & Controls
• Consideration to ECPA/ MARS if not
subject to MAPPA
• Once external controls in place – CP
will do individual Access to Media
Policy based on risk formulation

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