Chasing Methods

Wessex CQI Branch Meeting
Thursday 16th February 2012
How can you
get people to
close NCR's
and complete actions from
System Review meetings?
Andy Nichols
Paul Palmer
David Smart
Moira Biggins
Mark Braham
Kar-Wing Lau Ian Dalling
David Hoyle
Jennie Clark
Noel Clarke
Jim Kirk
CQI Wessex Branch
Neil Mellor
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CQI Wessex Branch
What are actions?
(1) actions that people see are valuable to their work,
and genuinely intend to do, but just haven't done yet
(2) actions that people see are valuable to their work, but
don't have the resources to address
(3) actions that people don't see as being valuable to
their work, but regard as a box-ticking exercise - and
may try to avoid doing.
CQI Wessex Branch
Other Classifications
Effective busy people tend to categorise tasks in the following
hierarchy, You may have seen this as a chart.
1. Very Important and Urgent - Do Now
2. Not So Important but Urgent - Do Later
3. Very Important but not Urgent - Do ASAP
4. Needed but Not Urgent - Do when there is a spare 5
5. Not Required - Bin !
CQI Wessex Branch
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
 Nagging emails
 personal visit
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favor
of Method
Easy to carry out
and may even be
guilt feeling by
the auditee
People will get
overly used to
these emails and
treat them as
spam and quickly
delete them
Creates Nuisance
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
 KPI’s
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favor of
Highlights to
management when
things are going in the
wrong direction
Only of any use if
management take notice
of NCR and
Outstanding actions
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
Promote NCR from “not
important” to “Urgent”
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favor of
This will make the
actionee realize that he /
she should to close out the
action quickly
The promotion to Urgent
status will certainly not be
justified for all NCR’s or
unclosed actions. This
would dilute the
effectiveness of this
technique if used too
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
 Name and Shame
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favor of
Quickly produces a
guilty feeling by the
actionee and encourage
quick closure
This makes the whole
NCR and closure of
actions a negative
situation and would
cause increased
alienation to the process
making it harder not
easier to get people to
do what they are
supposed to do in the
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
 Escalate to
actionee’s boss, or
his / her bosses
superior, even to
director level
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favor of
This would make
the higher
management realize
what is going on in
their department and
encourage the
manager to
discipline staff in
his / her department.
This again would
tend to have a
negative effect to
NCR’s and action
points and make it
harder not easier to
get buy in and cooperation
Chasing Methods
Chasing method
 Risk assessments and method
statements are used
extensively to control risks and
CQI Wessex Branch
Points in Favour of Method
Clear indication as to the
importance and therefore the
priority to close the action.
White – 2 weeks
Red – 3 weeks
Amber – 5 weeks
Green – 12 weeks
The easy Green NCR’s
regularly get closed first
because they are easy.
The severity rating bears no
relationship on the required
amount of time to close the
NCR and therefore is not
agreed by the actionee
Auditors tend to agree that an
action plan is put into place
within the automatic deadline
but record a “verification
date” which becomes the
actual completion date.
Top Management
 Top Management drive the importance of closing findings
 For example;
 a category 2 finding, the completion date set for 13 weeks
 at 6 weeks the action owner gets a weekly reminder
 at 10 weeks its escalated to the senior management
 Then chased by MD or GM on a weekly basis
 When the completion date is unreasonable it is amended
 New amended date is chased weekly to demonstrate this
action will not disappear
 for nil returns the MD or GM sends an email asking for an
CQI Wessex Branch
Top Management
 Closing NCR’s and review action points should be part of
normal business
 World class organisations rarely use the escalation process
 Completion of compliance targets should be built into annual
 Include an element of bonuses with closure of NCR’s
 Appraisals based on shorter timescales would have better
 Are people “fired” for not completing their actions?
 Culture takes years to change
CQI Wessex Branch
Other Suggestions
Remove ISO requirements and sell as best
 Show the action adds value
 Will save ££ per annum
 Gives facts “company 'x' was fined ££ for not
doing this correctly”
CQI Wessex Branch
Writing the Action
or NCR
 Write in plain English, avoid ISO speak
 Explain NCR’s using simple examples to remove
gobbledegook speak
 Remove ISO clause requirement
 Focus on the opportunity for business improvement
 reasons for raising NCR / action
 NCR / Action seen as positive rather than punitive
 CAR closure timescales defined
CQI Wessex Branch
ISO Speak!
• Risk is the combination of the probability
of an event and its consequence
• ISO 31000 defines risk as "effect of
uncertainty on objectives“
• NOTE 1 An effect is a deviation from the
expected — positive and/or negative
CQI Wessex Branch
 People won't respond to requests for action
unless they believe they own the problem, obtain
agreement from the REAL owner
 Without a clear owner, the “buck will be passed”
and no one will pick it up
CQI Wessex Branch
 Carry out a risk assessment of the non-conformance
 Carry out an opportunity assessment of the
 Use the risk rating to help prioritise action
 Make sure that they don’t just see the number rather
than understanding the effect of the risk / opportunity
 risk rating agreed at the audit closing meeting
CQI Wessex Branch
Risk Rating
CQI Wessex Branch
On Line NCR’s
With WRAG Rating
CQI Wessex Branch
 percentage of NCRs
closed out within the
agreed period
 percentage of NCRs not
closed out within agreed
CQI Wessex Branch
By Risk
------------By Owner
Due Dates vs. Risk
• Don’t mix up the criticality of the NCR against
close out date
• The most critical NCR may have to take longer
than a less critical one
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The Gathered
Wisdom is ….
In Person
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Any Questions?
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