Character Education and it`s Impact on Dropout Prevention

Character Education and
Its Impact on Dropout
August 28, 2013
Integrity Time, LLC
Lane Yoder
Chief Operating Officer and
Director of Sponsorships
Kerry Coke
Director of Sales and Education
Integrity Time: Who are we?
 Mississippi’s only character education
curriculum company.
 Based in Tupelo, Integrity Time, LLC was
founded by Sara Berry nearly 15 years ago.
 Sara holds an education degree from
Millsaps College in Jackson and has been
an educator, both in the U.S. and abroad,
for over 25 years.
 Today, Integrity Time is in 18 states and 6
Integrity Time: Our Mission
We at Integrity Time® believe the time is NOW to
lay the foundation of strong values in our children.
We believe this foundation, built through the
partnership of parents, teachers and other caring
adults, will help make the difference, not only in
the lives of individual children, but also in the
world that they, in turn, will influence.
Integrity Time: Why?
Integrity is no longer caught. Integrity must be taught.
• The Problem: Character and Integrity are no longer focused on in our society.
This causes behavior problems
This causes academic problems
This causes society problems
• The Solution:
Create opportunities to teach character education with an intentional
focus on integrity: choosing what is true and good and right.
Build a foundation of strong values through a partnership of parents,
teachers, and community leaders.
Inculcate a language of integrity so children can understand what is
expected of them and excel in every area of their lives.
The Impact on Dropout Rate
The Bad News:
• 3,000,000 US high school students dropout annually.
• 8,300 high school students drop out each day.
• High school dropouts are ineligible for 90% of US jobs.
• 75% of crimes in the US are committed by a high
school dropout.
[Source: Education Week, Children Trends Database,
Research Date: 10.12.2012]
Character Education and
Dropout Prevention
Lost Teaching Time
 A 2003 brief by Public Agenda, a NYC-based policyresearch group, “found teachers report losing as much as
30 percent of instructional time to deal with behavior
problems in class.”
 Early childhood character education with continual and
academically-progressive reinforcement and teaching VS
behavior modification.
 Fewer behavior problems = more time to teach = greater
student engagement = less dropouts.
The Impact of Character Education
The Good News
While there is no “silver bullet” for addressing dropout prevention, having a strong
character education program is one program to add to a multi-faceted effort.
State of Maryland – 30% reduction in dropouts since 2006.
Studies show that schools with strong character education programs
 Improved academic performance
 Improvement in test scores, 10% - 20%
 Increase in high school graduation rate
 Decrease in drop-out rate
Research proves it!
 “Prosocial behavior is defined by Eisenberg, Fabes, and Spinrad (2006) as
‘…voluntary behavior intended to benefit another.’”
 “Kindergarten prosocial behaviors have been found to be significant predictors of
later academic success (Benner, 2011; Romano, Babchishin, & Pagani, 2010;
Veenstra et al., 2008).”
 “A variety of research studies have found that improving the support of students’
social and emotional development resulted in increased academic performance
(Cadima, Leal, & Burchinal, 2010; Curby, Rimm-Kaufmann, & Ponitz, 2009; Pianta, La
Paro, & Hamre, 2008; Ponitz, Rimm-Kaufman, Grimm, & Curby, 2009).”
 “A study of an integrated character education curriculum resulted in an improved
school environment, increased pro-social behavior, and higher reading and math
scores, as well as decreased behavioral referrals (Marshall, Caldwell, & Foster,
Integrity Time Curriculum
ABC Integrity Time Know It
• Targets 4-8 year olds (Pre-K – 1st Grade).
• 26 lessons using the alphabet, e.g. A is for
Attitude, B is for Behavior, C is for
• Learning through games, special snacks,
fun puppets, creative songs.
• Every lesson has Dinner Time Discussion
sheets to reinforce at home what was
learned at school.
• Currently in English and Chinese with
Spanish in development.
Integrity Time Curriculum
Integrity Time Grow It
• Targets 7-10 year olds (2nd- 4th Grade).
• Teaches some of the pitfalls which
hinder integrity, including cheating,
teasing, tattling, being mean, being lazy
and shows how to avoid these pitfalls.
• The program encourages integration
into the academic world of reading,
creative writing, journaling, and art
through guided journal entries, and
student booklets.
• Every lesson has Dinner Time
Discussion sheets to reinforce at home
what was learned at school.
Coming Soon: Middle School (11-13)
Coming Soon: High School
The Impact of Integrity Time
We surveyed 107 principals and educators representing over 10,000
students who had used Integrity Time® and the results were:
 92% believe Integrity Time is extremely easy to use and
implement in the classroom.
 96% believe Integrity Time Music is extremely effective
in teaching concepts of integrity.
 100% have seen a positive impact in their school
and classroom environments.
The Impact of Integrity Time
Measurable outcomes of the Integrity Time® program:
 Teachers have reported an increase in positive, cooperative and caring
student attitudes.
 They also reported increased student enthusiasm for working with peers
and teachers.
 Students began using appropriated character-related vocabulary in their
interactions with each other and with teachers and staff.
 Students were able to apply the character concepts to real situations.
 There was a significant increase in student displays of respect such as the
use of manners and common courtesy.
 Schools have reported a decrease in office referrals.
Integrity Time: Academics
Integrity Time commissioned Dr.
Janie Conway to compile a
comprehensive Common Core
booklet to supplement the
Integrity Time Know It and Grow It
curricula. The alignment booklet
will provide teachers with a bygrade checklist of exactly which
CCSS criteria are addressed in
each lesson and with each
Integrity Time: Award-Winning
Last year, Integrity Time® Know It was a winner of
Learning Magazine’s 2012 Teacher’s Choice
Award for Excellence in the Classroom.
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
Integrity Time Know It
Kit includes:
• Leader’s Guide
• Clock Chart
• Set of Puppets
• Graphic CDs
• Student Booklets
• Pre K and K
• 1st Grade
• Integrity Tunes CD
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
ABC Integrity Time Know It
Leader’s Guide includes:
• 26 Complete Scripted
• Timely Extenders with each
• Lessons include games,
snacks, puppets and fun
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
ABC Integrity Time Know It
The Clock Chart includes lyrics
to all the songs and chants on
the Integrity Tunes CD to help
the children learn more
Never too early to start
“Dropping out of school is a process of
disengagement that begins early.”
- D is for Determination which means to
“Stick with It”.
- Y is for Yes and we say “Yes to staying
in school!”
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
ABC Integrity Time Know It
Puppet Set includes
individual puppet faces
that exemplify positive
and negative integrity
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
Integrity Time Grow It
Kit Includes:
• Leader’s Guide
• Clock Chart
• Graphic CD
• Student Booklets
• 2nd Grade
• 3rd Grade
• 4th Grade
• Integrity Tunes 2 Music
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
Integrity Time Grow It
Leader’s Guide includes:
• 26 Complete Scripted
• Timely Extenders with each
• Lessons include games,
snacks, stories and fun
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
Integrity Time Grow It
Student Booklet CDs
(2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and
4th Grade CDs)
o Includes reproducible
activity pages in journal
format that encourage
creative writing and
positive role play
according to their
academic level.
o Individual Story
Booklets allow the
children to follow along
with the original stories
and process the lesson
even further.
Integrity Time: What’s Inside?
Both kits contain a Graphics CD.
CD includes:
o Puppet Faces
o Stickers
o Dinnertime Discussion
o Picture Frames
o Diploma
o All of the reproducible
pages found in the
Timely Tip:
The Graphics CD can be used on Promethean Boards.
Graphics CD: Picture Frames
Timely Tip:
Post with the kids’ pictures to encourage them to “see” themselves as kids of
Graphics CD: Diplomas
Timely Tip:
Award these to the children at the end of the year.
Integrity Time
Integrity Time: Questions?
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