video_games - East Coast Armory

By: John Grima
and knrfknrk
Magnavox Odyssey 1972.
 Atari Pong 1975
Some of the first Video game counsels on the consumer market.
Had one limited games ie, hockey and tennis.
Pong in action!!! ZOMG AWWW YEAH!!!!
Atari 2600 in Action
Atari 2600
Better graphics,
Games on cartridges
Games had no ending
Arcade titles:
Space invaders
Missile Command
Coleco Vision 1982
better graphics than the Atari 2600.
 Notable Arcade games were released:
Pacman, Donkey Kong, Frogger,
spyhunter, and Centipede
Nintendo Entertainment System 1982.
8 bit graphics, very successful.
 Important titles, Legends of Zelda,
Metroid, and a certain Italian plumber
from named Mario.
Sega Genesis 1988
Best graphics of the time, 16bit.
Last major game counsel of the decade.
Colecovision in action
 NES in action,
Sega in action,
Super Nintendo – 1991 nintendo’s
answer to the Genesis.
Sony Playstation- first successful CD
video game counsel.
N64, Last video game system to use
64 bit graphics
4 player multiplayer games.
Notable game titles. Goldeneye 007,
Mario kart 64, Star Fox 64.
Sega CD, attachment to Genesis consol. 1st true CD
video game system. Gritty graphics. No good game titles
Sega Saturn, to compete with playstation, 1st internet
multiplayer capabilities. Backwards capable with Sega
CD. No good game titles
Atari Jaguar, Last Atari counsel 64 bit graphics. Never
caught on with 3rd party developers. Now open source.
Nintendo Virtual boy, 3D gaming environment, no TV.
Everything is red, limited game titles.
Sega dreamcast. Good graphics, internet multiplayer.
Internet connections too slow at the time, limited game
developers, and game titles. Sega’s last video game
Xbox, released by Microsoft. Successful
internet multiplayer, First counsel with
hard drive and DVD player.
Notable titles: Project Gotham racing, Halo.
Game Cube, released by Nintendo,
poorest of the graphics in this
generation, limited game selection, no
multiplayer, no DVD playability.
Playstation 2, Some multiplayer
capabilities. Can play PS1 games, can
play DVDs.
Notable releases: GTA 3.
Xbox 360. Improved on Xbox 1. Better
graphics, and an established game
 Playstaion 3, Blue ray HD video, The
“CELL”, free multiplayer and internet
 Nintendo Wii, motion sensitive remote,
and cheapest of the three. Also poorest
graphics and game play amongst the
three, but fiscally successful.
Video Game Violence.
Doom blamed for Columbine school
Grand Theft Auto, targeted by Hillary
Clinton and Jack Thompson.

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