The Rebbe Rashab said back: “its enough that I

“Once, when the Rebbe Rashab was about four years old, the tailor brought a
garment he had sewn for Rebbetzin Rivka. While the Rebbe Rashab was
looking at what the tailor had sewn, he saw that the tailor had some leftover
materials in his pocket. so the Rebbe Rashab took it out. The tailor got so
embarrassed that he didn’t return the materials and his face turned red.
“When the tailor left, Rebbetzin Rivka said to the Rebbe Rashab, ‘See, you
embarrassed the tailor.’ The Rebbe Rashab began to cry bitterly.
“A few weeks later, the Rebbe Rashab asked his father, the Rebbe Maharash,
how he could correct the sin of embarrassing someone. His father asked,
“Why? What happened?” The Rebbe Rashab said back: “its enough that I
embarrassed someone, now I should go and say Lashon Hara?”

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