Activators Indoor 24 course

INCREASING Participation
30 April 2014
Learning Objectives
• The basic offer for cricket is within FE.
• The content and purpose of ECB Activators course
• How the ECB Activators course can be delivered.
- by professional staff
- through curriculum as part of BTEC
- as part of Functional Skills learning
• How the ECB Activators course could help you with your participation targets.
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
The Offer
Local support
Activator Training
Other local playing opportunities in summer
ECB Activators Course – The Background
• ‘Retain and Player Gain a Volunteer’
Fundamentally different to the old CYL course – and requires the
a significant amount of preparation
tutor to do
• 3 hour course designed to support getting more people playing in teams through organising an
initial event or project
• Candidates are only awarded certificates after the completing 10 hours of volunteering through
organising the event
• Ensure that key people colleges and schools support young leaders throughout the course and help
them progress onto further volunteering and training
• Links directly to V Cricket Awards
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Overall Course Objective
• To give opportunity for young people at cricket clubs between the age of 14 and 25 to acquire skills and
competency in leadership that will allow them to volunteer within their cricket club and/or school,
colleges or university
• To retain junior members in cricket by investing quality time and resources into a specialised
volunteering programme.
• To help raise participation levels within clubs,
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
schools and colleges.
Activators Indoor 24 course
Marketing and recruiting teams
Organising / running competitions
Managing a group or team - including dealing
Fund raising
Umpiring / Scoring
Generating media coverage
The course is split up into 2 separate modules:• Marketing Indoor24 within the college and recruiting teams
• Organising and Officiating Matches
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
with difficult situations
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Delivery – who can tutor the course?
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Indoor 24 in the curriculum
- Organising Events
- Rules and Regulations
• Functional Skills
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
• Scenario 1 – Student enrichment, managing lunch time
• Scenario 2 – Sessions aimed at entry level participants as
lesson (Practical Team Sport/Tutorial session).
Scenario 3 - Increasing healthy living the sports department
college departmental competition.
• Scenario 4 – Functional Skills practical sessions
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Addition - Batting Totals (team and individual)
Division – batting averages, strike rate
Percentages – individual scores as percentage of team scores
Multiplication – predict scores using strike rate
Bar graphs / pie charts
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Addition – runs conceded
Division – Bowling averages (runs per ball, wickets per over, runs per wicket)
Percentages - bowler runs or wickets out of teams total
Pie charts / bar graphs
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
• Example of 6 week programme (based on 1 hour lessons)
1 hour practical – learning the game and how to score (2 matches)
30 mins practical (1 match) / 30 mins addition.
1 hour session on division / averages.
30 mins practical (1 match) – 30 mins multiplication
1 hour session on percentages
30 mins practical – 30 mins pie charts / bar graphs
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
• More efficient and dedicated volunteers to deliver Indoor 24
• More participation through BTEC course students
• Functional Skills – part of their learning
• Wider audience to take part in any enrichment activity
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
The appeal to a college?
Indoor 24
ECB Activators Course (qualification and vCricket awards)
Embedding Functional Skills
Achieving Key College Targets
Enrichment offer
ECB Grassroots Cricket Report
Healthy Living
Cross College Working
Chris Lock – ECB Participation Manager
t: 07776 445511 e: [email protected]
Richard Lightbown– ECB Volunteer Manager
t: 07776 445522 e: [email protected]

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