P Sheet Fairground 2014

GCSE Preparation Sheet
Textile products for teenagers inspired by the
theme fairground which includes a range of
decorative techniques.
Textile products – bags, garments, hats, wall hangings, cushions,
TM = teenagers – 13 to 19
Fairground – rides, fun, bright lights, noise, colour, twisting, music, spinning,
games, prizes, friends, family,
Decorative techniques:
Industrial – applique, screen printing, digital printing, machine embroidery, laser
cutting, beads, electronics - lights, sound,
Craft - fabric paints, stencilling, hand embroidery
Fairground images on fabric
Fabric items with fairground theme
Photographic printed skirts on the high street,
particularly on pencil skirts. These conversational prints
range from French chateaus(boohoo) and enhanced
florals(River Island) to astronauts(shopjeen) and
Top row left to right:Topshop branches skirt(£28.00),
Topshop fairground skirt(£28.00), Topshop traffic
monochrome skirt(£28.00), River Island floral
skirt(£25.00), Boohoo French chateau skirt(£15.00).
Bottom row left to right: Mary Katrantzou(£702.00),
Clover canyon(£118), Ted Baker(£109.00),
Shopjeen.co.uk(£21.97) Missguided palm print
skirt(£8.99)and Nastygal(£88.29).
Textile Products
Bags, garments, hats, wall hangings, cushions
Needs to be:
• Original
• Something you can draw
• Something you can describe & explain in the exam
TM – Target Market – teenagers = fashionable, within their budget, on the high
street, usable,
Decorative techniques = must be a range 3/4
Fabric painting
Appliqué & Reverse Appliqué
Machine Embroidery
Hand embroidery
Printing – Screen, photographic, digital
Built in electronics – lights, sound
Modern fabrics – microencapsulated,
Photo Printing
The fabric is coated with a chemical that is sensitive to
light and then any photograph may be printed on it.
Techniques for design
• Applique – strong, textured fabric, long lasting, easy,
inexpensive to produce
• Screen printing – easy to produce, effective, wears well
• Quilting – 3D, gives shape, use CAD
• Computerised sewing machine – CAD 7 CAM, fast,
accurate, neat
• Components – buttons, zips, beads, squeaks, electronic
• Components – ribbon, braid, lace, cord
• Fastening – Velcro, tie, elastic, button, snap fasteners
Design work
These ideas must be based on theme & context and be
original, well thought out and unusual
• 4 x initial ideas – ¼ of A4 - draw, colour, label
• 2 x developed ideas – A5 size - draw, colour, label
Initial design ideas for textile product
Sketch & label 2 designs. 6 marks for each design
• Creativity & originality based on theme
• Quality of notes & sketches
• Use of a range of fabrics & components
Section A
is about design ideas for textile products
Choose one of your ideas for development
• Use sketches, labelling & notes to present a
final design in colour for your textile product
• Use this page & the next page to show your
textile product in a presentation drawing
Final design
• Draw front, back & close up = Use full A4 page for front, and
small page for back and close up
• Label what item is and TM
• Label clearly
• Explain labelling & choices – give reasons
Marks will be given for
• Use of fairground theme
• Use of a range of decorative techniques
• Creativity & quality of the design
• Effective use of colour in the design
• Presentation of final idea
Total 13

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