Tennis Score Keeper

Identified a problem and a gap in the market
from personal experience.
Worked towards a USP and design.
Identified a target market.
Created CAD (Computer Aided Design) after
market research.
The product is designed to prevent losing
score during a tennis match.
There are two buttons in order to score a
point each time you win or lose, you simply
press a button on the device that is either in
your pocket or attached to you shorts/skirt.
Identified our target market as middle age/elder
members of tennis clubs.
Showed them the design and colour range, and
asked whether product would be of interest to
Feedback was positive; liked product would buy
dependant on price.
Market is growing as many more people are
playing tennis.
Competition are the non-portable score keepers
manufactured by ‘EZ-Score’ and
Identified USP as a ‘portable, durable and
high quality score keepers for use during a
tennis match/game situation.’
We acknowledged that the USP would need
to be promoted and we decided that we
would tap into major sports retailers.
We would start by increasing brand identity
and product awareness by advertising to local
clubs (target market).
Business Name: Score Keepers
Products/Services: Portable/high quality score keepers.
Business Classification: Private Limited.
Plan for next 5 years: Launch internationally.
Company Values: High quality products.
Businesses Base: Hastings
Initial Investment: £10,000 from bank and £10,000
initial capital invested by ourselves.
 Increase brand identity.
 Expand internationally.
 Specifically isolate target market.
 Create score keeping devices for other sports.
 Advertise in tennis clubs and shops windows.
 Generate enough profit to expand.
 Branch into major tennis tournaments e.g.
 Successfully secure a considerable profit in order to
afford market research into other sports and score
Private Limited Company (limited liability)
Flat structure business
We would go to the banks to fund the
sufficient start up money.
We would invest in:
 Rent for company base.
 Starting up of the businesses accounts and
website/ furniture for company base.
 Prototype manufacturing.
 Research into the most materials and product
 Advertising.
We will get a company in China to source and
manufacture the product:
Total expenditure per unit is broken down into:
 Key ring – 4p
 Plastic for casing (Polyethylene
Terephthalate) - £1
 Plastic for screen (Polyvinyl Chloride) – 15p
 Electronics for device – 31p
We welcome any questions.

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