Amusement Park Webquest

Algebra I
Many families include amusement park visits
as part of their summer vacation plans. Some
enjoy them so much that they go more than
once to the same park in the same season.
Some kids also go with friends multiple times
throughout the summer.
At what point does a season pass make sense
to purchase?
Your task is to compare season passes vs.
regular ticket admission to an amusement park.
You will decide when it is beneficial to purchase
each type of ticket and if there is a point when
they are equally beneficial.
You will read articles about amusement parks,
investigate ticket prices, and use your algebra
skills to make your decision.
Your finished product will include completion of
worksheet, correctly labeled graph, and three
paragraph essay.
First, read a few articles (at least two) about
choosing an amusement park to attend. Think
about the things considered in these articles
(location, costs, rides, etc.) when you choose
your park.
Choosing The Best Amusement Park
Best Amusement Parks for Your Buck
Tips For Taking Amusement Park Vacations
How to Plan for an Amusement Park Vacation
Theme Park Getaways
Theme Park Ratings and Reviews
Top 10 Theme Parks
Choose an amusement park to investigate.
Below are some websites to various
amusement parks, but you may also choose
one not listed below.
Six Flags
Frontier City
Busch Gardens
Cedar Point
Silver Dollar City
Hershey Park
Worlds of Fun
Now that you have chosen a park, you will
complete a worksheet answering questions
that help you compare a season pass to
individual day passes.
Click here for the worksheet.
You will make a graph of the linear equations
created on your worksheet.
For the graph, you need to complete the
◦ Label the graph with the amusement park chosen
◦ Label each axis and the units
◦ Graph each line (in a different color) and show a key
(such as green means season passes)
◦ Label the point of intersection
◦ Write a sentence below the graph describing what
the point of intersection means in terms of
amusement park ticket prices.
Now that have investigated your amusement park, you will have to write up what
you learned.
Paragraph 1: You will write about why you chose your amusement park. Include
information about what things you considered and why you considered them when
making your decision. You will write about the costs of tickets for your
amusement park. Include how much season passes are and how much day passes
Paragraph 2: You will write about the algebra included on the worksheet. What do
the equations and graphs tell you? How do they relate to things previously
learned such as slope-intercept form? Is it more beneficial to purchase season
passes or day passes? Explain.
Paragraph 3:To what other kinds of decisions might you be able to apply this type
of decision-making process? Give a specific example and describe how you can
apply this decision-making process.
This write up needs to be typed, double spaced, and free of major spelling and
grammatical errors.
Does Not Meet
(0-5 points)
Not all group members
participate in the project
All members participate,
but do not have equal
All members participate
Understanding &
Accuracy (in
Group shows lack of
understanding in
creating linear equations
and their graphs as well
as how they apply to the
amusement park
Group understands how
to create linear
equations and graphs,
but lacks understanding
at the meaning in
relation to the
amusement park prices
Group demonstrates
understanding of creating
linear equations and the
graphs for those
equations as well as how
they relate to the
amusement park prices
Explanation &
(in paper)
Group answers few to
none of the
described in Step 4 with
little to no
understanding of how
linear equations relate to
amusement park ticket
Group answers some of
the questions/prompts
described in Step 4 with
partial understanding of
how linear equations
relate to amusement
park ticket prices.
Group fully answers all
described in Step 4 with
complete understanding
of how linear equations
relate to amusement park
ticket prices.
Group does not
accurately make graph
and fails to include
Group does not
accurately make graph or
only includes some
Group has a colorful ,
accurate display with all
labels included
Finished Product
Project not complete
Project is completed but
lacks understanding of
the subject
Project is done on time
and paper, graph, and
worksheet show strong
understanding of subject
Now that you have completed the Amusement
Park Webquest, you should understand more
about making decisions when choosing an
amusement park. You should be able to
compare ticket prices to make the best
decision for you on purchasing tickets.
You should be able to see how linear
equations apply to ticket prices and what is
important about the point of intersection of
the two lines drawn.
Your grade for this project will be based on:
Timely and successful completion of the worksheet
Timely and successful completion of the graph
Timely and successful completion of the report
Well-organized and mathematically-correct work

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