Opening Circle

Webinar Instructions
Call in #: 213-416-6650
Access code: 716549#
Make sure you have called this number! Ignore the phone
number in the automatic confirmation email from
Hazon’s Food Work:
• Food For Thought
• Hazon CSA
• Food Conference
Food Audit Pilot Season
• Pilot members will:
– Participate in bi-monthly training calls
– Take the Food Audit in October, then identify key
areas to address in the next 6 months
– Assemble a “Food Team” or committee to work on
these projects
– Provide Hazon with thorough feedback on Food
Guide and Toolkit to strengthen it for future
publication (encouraged to share on the Jew and
the Carrot, etc.)
Food Audit Pilot Season
• Hazon will provide the following resources:
– Copy of draft Food Guide and Food Audit Toolkit
– Training calls every two months
– Individual support and troubleshooting
– Listserv with other pilot members
In the “Chat” Box, please type:
• Your name
• Your institution (school, synagogue)
• Your role /position
In the “Chat” Box, please type:
• Your name
• Your institution (school, synagogue)
• Your role /position
Opening Circle:
Tell us your name,
and what excites you
most about the topic
of Jews and Food?
Tour of the Food Guide and Food Audit
• Healthy, Sustainable, Kosher: Food “Fit” to Eat
• Eating Together: Planning for Meals, Kiddush,
Simchas and Holidays
• Serving and Cooking the Food: plates, utensils
and more
• Food waste: reducing it, recycling it, composting
• Food Education for Adults & Children
• Community Agriculture and Gardens
• Food Justice and social responsibility
Food Audit
The Hazon Office: How did we do?
First Audit
1. Take the audit together with your committee
2. Identify who else you need to involve to
answer questions you don’t know
3. Use the audit to focus you: what’s next?
4. Food Audit Worksheet
Bringing Together a Committee
People to Consider:
• Tikkun Olam, social action or social justice
• CSA members
• Stay-at-home parents of young kids
• Anyone who works in food service, caterers etc.
• Age diversity: teens – seniors
• Involve newer community members and older
• Leadership: get the Rabbi / Executive Director on
Learning: Local vs. Organic?
(and why we care as Jews)
“100% Organic”
“Made with Organic Ingredients”
What Organic Doesn’t Talk About
Farm size
Worker treatment
Sustainable farming practices
Farmer’s Pledge
Taste the Freshness
Cut Down on the Carbon
Eat Your View
Enjoy the Seasons
Local vs. Organic
What About Chocolate and Coffee?
Connecting to Jewish Tradition
Next Webinar: Thursday, December 8- 9 am PST / 12 PM EST

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