ICT 26 - Bart Van Caenegem - Ideal-ist

Research Obj.: ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET
What are you looking for?
Photonics: Major S&T and R&I progress to sustain competitiveness & leadership in
market sectors where Europe has the lead (communications, lighting, laser-based
manufacturing, medical photonics, safety & security).
Address fragmented and uncoordinated developments between national,
and regional players EU value chain(s) and business ecosystem(s)
Address the "valley of death" (turn R&D results into innovative products)
Exploit the large enabling potential of photonics in many industrial sectors &
in major societal challenges (such as health and well-being, energy efficiency
or safety)
Research Obj.: ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET
What are you looking for?
Research Obj.: ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET
2. Is this new or has it been called before?
The biophotonics objective has been called before in 2012 (call 8).
The lighting innovation objective builds further on a CIP (ICT PSP) call in 2011 for
lighting pilot actions and an R&D objective from FP7 ICT call 11 and is therefore
the next step in bridging the valley of death from research in the lab to the
Some CSA actions (coordination of stakeholders and outreach) have been called for
before, but these actions have come to an end and further support in these areas
is required.
For the lighting CSA action on wide uptake, there is another support action from FP7call 11 (SSL-erate) that is complementary to it and several ongoing CIP pilot
actions and one PCP action which can contribute to this CSA objective
3. Current project portfolio (if relevant)
Many FP7 projects are running in these areas – see
Research Obj.: ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET
4. What do you NOT want?
We do not want academic driven projects in the application
driven R&I actions and innovation actions. Only for the area of
disruptive approaches more academic driven projects can be
We do not want proposals in which strong industrial commitment
and credible exploitation strategies and business cases are
ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET - Key actors
5. Who are the leading players?
6. Is there a key group of actors or ETP driving this?
The technology platform Photonics21 and the Photonics Public Private
Partnership which is being created are driving this, and all stakeholders and
leading players are represented in it. See:
Research Obj.: ICT 26 – 2014: Photonics KET
7. Are there any additional / background documents?
Strategic research agenda of Photonics21:
EC green paper on Solid State lighting: COM(2011) 889 final of 15.12.2011

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