IDCAST Presentation - Ohio Innovation Summit

Sensor Systems
Trusted Situational Awareness
A System that Improves the Function and Security of Surveillance Systems used
by Law Enforcement, Campus Security and Government Facilities
Larrell Walters
Director IDCAST
UDRI Sensor Systems
How It All Fits Together
University Of Dayton
Colleges & Schools
University of Dayton Research Institute
Sensor Systems Division
Trusted Situational Awareness
University of Dayton
June 2013
Sensor Systems
Trusted Situational
Ohio Third Frontier
• TSA was funded under the Innovation
Platform Program of the Ohio Third
Frontier (OTF) Project
– Program to build on established investments –
in this case IDCAST, a Wright Center of
Innovation for advanced sensor technology
• $3 million to the TSA Team led by UDRI
– Woolpert, City of Dayton, Tenet 3, Greenlight
Optical, and Optica Consulting
– $3 million of project related Cost Share
June 2013
What is the TSA Program?
• Provides a systems approach for wide area
security applications
• Provides a common visualization platform for
suites of sensor inputs
• Provides for a way to test and evaluate
sensors and situational awareness products
from small, medium, and large companies
• Provides for the ability to test and evaluate
cyber products from small to large companies
• Provides for feedback on product performance
based on use in a operational environment.
What is TSA?
June 2013
Why have the TSA Program?
• Safety and security needs are looking for
system solutions, versus a collection of
individual devices
– Sec Def Gates – April 2011 – Data to Decisions
• Also needs to be Trusted
– Cyber validated to be authentic, accurate, resilient
• There is an industry need for a place to
evaluate and demonstrate potential situational
awareness and cyber solutions
• This place needs to be accessible to all
companies, whether small, medium, or large
Why TSA?
June 2013
TSA – Program Description
• $3 million of funding and $3 million of cost share
to create a $6 million project
• 3 year program
• TSA will create 32 jobs in 3 years and 46 jobs
within 5 years
• TSA provides an efficient and highly effective
intuitive interface system – ease of use
• TSA will provide an affordable situational
awareness solutions through the use of the
Tilton Engineering Systems/Woolpert product
call United Views
TSA Description
June 2013
TSA – Program Description
• TSA will utilize plug and play technologies
• TSA will provide a test bed that small to large
companies and universities will have access to
for testing and evaluation of their sensor and
situational awareness technologies
• TSA will provide a test bed that small to large
companies and universities will have access to
for testing and evaluation of their cyber
• TSA, and all of the incorporated technologies,
will be utilized by the Dayton City Police,
whom will provide feedback on the
effectiveness of the technologies
TSA Description
June 2013
Outcomes of TSA
• TSA will create 32 jobs in 3 years and 46 jobs
within 5 years
• TSA will be used to demonstrate situational
awareness and cyber technologies to potential
customers for the system
• TSA will be attract companies to Dayton that
want to have their technology evaluated,
operationally tested, and then included in
demonstrations to potential companies
– Very important for small/medium companies
TSA Outcomes
June 2013
Outcomes of TSA
• TSA will help Woolpert to become a major supplier
of situational awareness solutions for emergency
management, first responders, and law
• TSA will help Greenlight Optics develop affordable
telescopic optics for sensing
• TSA will help Optica Consulting expand their data
mapping technologies to customers beyond the
• TSA will provide Tenet 3 one of the nation’s only
cyber test beds for developing, testing, and
demonstrating cyber solutions for sensing and
data networks
TSA Outcomes
June 2013
Outcomes of TSA
• TSA provide the Dayton Police Department
access to technologies that can improve the
effectiveness of executing the enforcement of
the law
• TSA will provide $3.4 million of sales for Ohio
companies and investments of $900,000
• TSA will provide a formalized internship
program in sensing, situational awareness and
cyber involving IDCAST Universities and the 16
distinguished scientist and endowed chairs we
have been able to attract, all within one hour
of Wright Patterson Air Force Base
• TSA provides IDCAST sustainability
TSA Outcomes
June 2013
Outcomes of TSA
• But most of all
TSA provide an opportunity
for you!
TSA Outcomes
June 2013
The World of Research - 2022
• Trusted Autonomy
– Unmanned vehicle operation, manufacturing, intelligent computing
• Simulations and Simulation Verification
– Multi Scale with real world physics, validation
• Trusted Computation and Communications
– Quantum/DNA/Optical computing, laser/advanced RF communications, SWAP
• Trusted Software and Analytics
– Data mining, ad-hoc/social network tools, algorithms, data to decisions
• Advance Materials
– Direct digital manufacturing, functional specific materials
• Trusted Sensor Technology
– Real time responsive controls, environmental, safety, data to decisions
• Green Technology and Energy Systems
– Clean energy, portable power, environmental restoration, responsible product
• Human Factors
– Medical systems, systems interfaces
June 2013
Sensor Systems

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