HempsteadWorks for a Human Capital Advantage Project Overview

Whatever It Takes (WIT) Project
(Final Report – Attachment D)
Funded under a Customized Employment Grant
supported by the Office of Disability Employment
Policy of the U.S. Department of Labor
Grant Information
• Funded by the Consolidated Appropriations
Act of 2001
• Administered by the U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Disability Employment Policy
• One year grant, with option for four additional
single year extensions
Grant Recipient/Fiscal Agent/Subcontractor
• Grant Recipient: Town of Hempstead
Department of Occupational Resources on
behalf of the Town of Hempstead Workforce
Investment Board
• Subcontractor: Abilities, Inc. of the National
Center for Disability Services
Consortium Partners
• Abilities, Inc.
• New York State Education Department Office
of Vocational and Educational Services for
Individuals with Disabilities (VESID)
• Town of Hempstead Department of
Occupational Resources
To develop a comprehensive
model of service delivery,
within the context of the OneStop setting, for persons with
disabilities who face the
greatest barriers to
• Establish a Strategic Planning Team to
provide program guidance and evaluation
• Review, refine and implement a
comprehensive service delivery model
• Design and execute a targeted marketing and
outreach campaign
• Conduct on-going training, education and
technical assistance to facilitate customized
employment in the context of the One-Stop
Objectives (continued)
• Establish and maintain Employment Support
Networking Groups for jobseekers in the
• Maintain and expand business development
to assess employer needs and increase
employment opportunities
• Expand linkages with public and private
providers to leverage funds, utilize programs
and coordinate services
Objectives (continued)
• Research and develop performance measures to
assess participant outcomes and evaluate project
• Document increased use of new programs (Ticket-toWork, benefits planning) and resources by system
• Develop and disseminate a Guidebook comprised of
exemplary strategies and best practices
• Implement local and statewide initiatives for the
integration of successful strategies into the policy and
practice of the One-Stop
Target Population
Nassau County residents who meet one of the
following criteria:
1. Receiving Supplemental Security Income
(SSI) and/or Social Security Disability
Insurance (SSDI); or
2. Participating in day programs (such as day
habilitation, day activity or day health
programs) or facility-based or community
employment and earning less than minimum
wage; or
Target Population (continued)
3. Participating in segregated employment and
choosing to move to integrated, competitive
employment; or
4. Awaiting employment services and supports
following a move from a residential facility, or
as part of a plan to move into a community;
Target Population (continued)
5. Transitioning from, or preparing to transition
from, secondary school under a transition
plan under part B of the Individuals with
Disabilities Education Act, and who, without
access to customized employment strategies,
would likely be referred to one of the
environments identified in (2), (3) or (4) above,
but who prefers integrated, competitive
employment or self-employment.
• Customized Employment
• Universal Strategies
Customized Employment
• Individualizes the employment relationship between
employees and employers in ways that meet the needs
of both
• Based on an individualized determination of strengths,
needs, and interests of a person with a disability
• Also designed to meet the specific needs of an
• Job Carving
Universal Strategies
• Provide the full range of workforce services in
a way that individuals, regardless of their
abilities or needs, can access these services.
Services Offered
Person-Centered Planning
Service Mobilization and Coordination
Pre-Employment Services
Work Try-outs/Job Shadowing
Adapted Driver Education
Customer-Family Cooperative
Job Carving
Employment Development
Travel/Mobility Training
On-The-Job Training
Workplace Mentoring
Assistive Technology
Evas Handicapped Accessible Workstation
Zoom Text Xtra L2 LP/Speech
Jaws Pro Screen Reader
Open Book Scanning and Reading Software
I-Communicator for the Deaf
Text Telephone System Ultratec Miniprint 225 (TTY)
Voice Amplification Phone
Assistive Technology (Continued)
1 Dell 7D00 Xtra Series Large Print Quietkey Gray Keyboard
1 Dell 7D00 Xtra Series Large Print StickyKeys Keyboard
1 Tash Win 2460 USB Mini Alternative Access Keyboard
1 Pulse Data Int. Scorpius Keyboard
1 PNX 08-16056 Microsoft Explorer Trackball
1 Dell Intelli Mouse
Wrist Supports:
Kensington Gel Pillow Keyboard Wrist Support
Kensington Gel Pillow Mouse Wrist Support
Assistive Technology (Continued)
Scanner & Camera Unit:
1 Epson Perfection 1650 Scanner
1 Smart View Computer Interface with Footswitch
1 Smart View B&W Color Select Camera Unit
Evacu-Trac Emergency Evacuation Chair
CEG Outcomes
• Number of CEG eligible customers served (10/01/02
through 12/31/06: 136
• Number of CEG eligible customers who entered
employment (10/01/02 through 12/31/06): 44*
• *Some customers are not seeking employment at this
time due to various issues, such as: medical/disability,
benefit issues, unavailability for work, relocation from
the area
Number Individuals with Disabilities Served After
Implementation of the WIT Project
Number served in the year period prior to implementation of
the WIT Project (10/01/01 through 09/30/02): 555
Number served in the first year of implementation (10/01/02
through 09/30/03): 615
Number served in the second year of implementation
(10/01/03 through 09/30/04): 704
Number served in the third year of implementation (10/01/04
through 09/30/05): 622
Number served in the fourth year of implementation to date
(10/01/05 through 12/31/06)*: 855
*Includes 3 month “No Cost Extension
Number of Individuals with Disabilities
who Entered Employment
• Number if individuals with disabilities that
entered employment from implementation of
the WIT Project to date (10/01/02 through
12/31/06): 802
Customer Satisfaction
• Customer satisfaction rate of CEG
eligible customers (10/01/02
through 12/31/06): 95%
• Customer satisfaction rate of
individuals with disabilities
(10/01/02 through 12/31/06): 93%
Funding Plan Over Six Years
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four
(10/02 – 9/03):
(10/03 – 9/04):
(10/04 – 9/05):
(10/05 – 12/06):
For More Information
• www.hempsteadworks.com
• www.abilitiesinc.org
• www.onestops.info/
• www.workforcenewyork.org
• Joann Lukas Von Stein, HempsteadWorks,
(516) 485-5000, ext. 1135
[email protected]
• Lisa Harris, Abilities, Inc.,
(516) 465-1405
[email protected]

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