Bitrix Intranet: Introduction

Bitrix Intranet
Version 11.0
Bitrix Intranet: Introduction
Bitrix Intranet v11.0 is a new generation web application designed to
facilitate business tasks in three main
Corporate Culture
Bitrix Intranet is an out-of-the-box
solution which enables businesses
large and small to communicate
vertically and horizontally with
maximum efficiency.
Vertical Communication
Horizontal Communication
The product allows both internal business process automation and integration
with 3rd-party protocols and platforms (mobile, LDAP, MS SharePoint, CalDAV, etc.)
Business Process Automation
Seamless Integration
What is new in version 11.0?
Activity Stream
“I Like” Button & Social Search
Search Results weighted by rating
Bitrix Intranet for mobile devices
Photo Gallery with new themes
Improved Blogs, Forums, WYSIWYG
Product Administration
Access Rights/Permissions
Secure Authorization
Automatic Time Zones
History Log
Back-end Dashboard
Auto-save for web forms
Idea Management
Meetings and Briefings
Built-in CRM
Project and Task Management 2.0
Reports and Report Wizard
Business Process Automation
Bitrix Intranet for Mobile Devices
Bitrix Intranet is now 100%
compatible with mobile devices!
Mobile version built on HTML5 to
support iOS, Android, and
Using your mobile device you can:
- start / end your working day
- receive / send instant messages
- browse Employee Directory
- read the Activity Stream
- browse and edit documents
- manage projects, tasks, and more!
Activity Stream
Shows all internal and external
changes in one place for better
project management and work
Displays changes in Tasks and Reports
published by employees;
Activity Stream notifications and
messages can be commented on and
evaluated using the “I Like” button;
Open API (REST, SOAP) for easy
incorporation of external data into
your intranet Activity Stream.
“Like” Button & Social Search
Quick feedback for documents, photos, reports, comments, blog
posts, and other content using the “Like” button;
The more “Likes” an element gets, the higher its position in the
search results;
Extended morphology, consideration of context, and search
results that are now rating-based and “100% social”!
Precise Search Results
Bitrix Intranet v11.0 now features an improved search mechanism that
considers word placement and punctuation, excludes redundant data, and
categorizes search results by section or source.
Social Search is based on the rank of users active in groups or communities,
general content evaluation, etc. The more often the content is ‘liked’, the
higher its position in the Social Search results.
o Content rating depends on the number of users who “liked” it;
o Content rating is re-evaluated each time the "Like" button is
clicked or unclicked;
o User rank (status) is also factored in;
o User ranking depends on the status they have within a
community: their position, popularity, how active they are,
points earned, etc.
Photo Gallery with new Themes
New Flash uploader;
Windows, Mac, Unix OS
Built-in slide show;
Pre-loading functionality
Thumbnails shown in Activity
Commenting accessible directly
from Activity Stream
Improved Blogs, Forums, and WYSIWYG
Full AJAX support;
Improved WYSIWYG Editor
Idea Management
Bitrix Intranet users now can:
• Post their business improvement
ideas on the portal for discussion;
• Read and evaluate ideas published
by their colleagues;
• Comment on any idea posted and
get immediate feedback from
fellow workers.
Employees can vote for any idea
published on the Intranet. Depending
on the number of votes “+” or “-”, the
Idea Rating is generated.
Meetings and Briefings
All-in-one-place: meeting preps and
notifications made effortlessly;
A simple and convenient way to
organize meeting agendas,
summaries, and protocols;
Provides a framework for follow-up
and monitoring of decisions made and
activities planned at the meeting;
Meetings and briefings history log
allows more transparency for
employees and the managerial staff .
Project and Task Management 2.0
Interactive Gantt Chart for smooth collaboration;
Integration with Reports, Time Management and Calendars;
Integration with Extranet, delegation (re-assignment), quick tasks;
Built-in CRM
Bitrix Intranet is now equipped with
a mature and well-equipped CRM!
Flexible access rights using “Roles”
and “Statuses”;
Tasks and Business Processes
integrated seamlessly with CRM;
New and “smart” data
One-click bulk email messages and
status change for Leads and Deals;
Open REST API for automated lead
import into Bitrix CRM.
Reports and Report Wizard
Employees can create reports for their
supervisors on a daily, weekly or
monthly basis using convenient report
templates offered by Report Wizard;
Supervisors can evaluate submitted
reports and give immediate feedback;
All report changes can be displayed
and discussed in the Activity Stream;
Reports offer more transparency and
enable detection of bottlenecks at
early stages by evaluating employee
KPIs effectively.
Business Process Automation
Business Processes are now integrated
into CRM and Tasks;
Dramatic improvement of the Business
Process Designer usability;
Two free Business Process templates
for CRM, one for payment requests.
Access Rights and Permissions
A new concept for permission settings in the product!
Now you can set different access right for documents, InfoBlock
elements, lists, CRM entries etc.;
You can share your personal files with other employees or restrict
access to certain users.
Secure Authorization
Password-theft protection even if there is no SSL connection;
Secure authentication provided by RSA 1024 bit key password encryption;
All passwords submitted via login forms are encoded and sent to the server.
Free Bitrix OTP app. Available in the Android Market and in the App Store.
Open key
Web Server
Automatic Time Zones
Time Zones can now be set automatically by the system. All dates and
times of articles, blog posts, or comments published on your Intranet
will be displayed according to the time zone where the user is currently
located. Individual settings regardless of location are also supported.
Change Log
Change log is a convenient way to learn about important
changes made in the front-end and back-end of your Intranet:
New user / new employee added;
Web page changed or added;
Menu / Submenu changed or added;
File added, changed, edited, moved,
or deleted;
• Section added, changed, edited,
moved, or deleted;
• InfoBlock changes;
• Changes made in the common
Forums, etc.
Back-end Dashboard
The back-end Dashboard is now
customizable with drag-and-drop
Multiple desktops with personal
settings and quick-views of
priority data;
Custom gadgets can be created.
Auto-save for Web Forms
Back-end and front-end auto-save for content forms and dialog boxes;
Even if the page or dialog window is closed by accident, the system will
offer you to restore the data entered when the form is opened again.
Prices & Licensing Policy Changes
New modules (Idea Management,
Report Wizard, Data Import) are
included into the top three editions:
TeamPace, BizPace, and
BizPace Enterprise.
InfoPace Edition
- $ 499
TeamPace Edition - $ 2,299
BizPace Edition
- $ 3,299
BizPace Enterprise - $ 9,990
Additional User*
- $ 40
Trial Version
- 30 Days
*TeamPace BizPace and BizPace Enterprise licenses include
25 user licenses. InfoPace is licensed with no accounting of
user number.
Thank you for your Feedback!
You can try out Bitrix Intranet v11.0 using:
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