Why you need fibre

Indigestible plant materials
Not absorbed by the body
Essential for good health
Fibre has many health
benefits even though it isn’t
absorbed. For example,
wholegrain plant foods
contain fibre and tend to be
low GI.
Cleanses the body and
helps moderate blood
glucose levels and
There are different types of
Slows down eating time.
Stays in the stomach
triggering fullness.
Helps move waste matter
out of the intestine faster
Acts like a sponge.
Prevents cholesterol
Allows slower blood
glucose release.
Helps you feel fuller for
A prebiotic that
provides nourishment
for beneficial bacteria in
the intestines.
Peas, beans, lentils and
barley are good sources
Whole grains can help
you maintain a healthy
weight range
Adding Fibergy ™ to
Nutrimeal™ can help
you feel fuller for longer
Fibre adds bulk making
it is easier for waste to
pass out of the body.
Adults should eat least 30g fibre
daily. Most manage around 20g each
Getting enough fibre can
help to keep the digestive
system healthy and reduce
the risk of constipation,
diverticular disease,
haemorrhoids and
bowel cancer according to
the DAA.
grains/fruit/veggies of
their outer coat
(bran/skin) means you
lose most of the fibre,
minerals and B vitamins.
High-fibre foods are good
for your health. If you’re
not used to a high fibre
diet, go slow. Give your
natural gut bacteria time to
adjust to the changes you’re
making. Also drink plenty
of water.
Kills 12 Australians
daily, over 4000
annually – the highest
incidence in the world.
Kills almost as many
women as breast
Choose bread with the
wheat germ intact
Choose breads with visible
seeds for extra fibre and
Soy and linseeds may help
with menopausal
Increase fibre intake
slowly – a sudden switch
can lead to abdominal
pain and flatulence.
Very high-fibre levels
(over 40g a day) may
reduce absorption of
minerals e.g. iron, zinc
and calcium.
Bridges the gap if you’re low in
Helps waste removal.
Provides twice the fibre per
serve like any other fibre
supplement on the market in
Each serving
Contains 4g of psyllium
(soluble fibre) and 3g of
Formulated without gluten, dairy and
soy. Made from natural mixed dietary
fibre sources.
Mix 1 level tablespoon (14g)
into 290-340 ml of water; or
stir two heaped teaspoons
(approx. 7g) with USANA
CAUTION: This food should be consumed by
adding it to at least a full glass of liquid. Consuming
this product without enough liquid may cause
choking. Do not consume this product if you have
difficulty in swallowing.
If you are taking any medication (prescription
and/or over-the-counter) take this product at least
two hours before or two hours after your medication.

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