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Oracle Application Express 3.0
Joel R. Kallman
Software Development Manager
The following is intended to outline our general
product direction. It is intended for information
purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any
contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any
material, code, or functionality, and should not be
relied upon in making purchasing decisions.
The development, release, and timing of any
features or functionality described for Oracle’s
products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.
Release 3.0 New Features
Browser Based
• Browser Based Application
• No Client Software to
Develop, Deploy, or Run
• Full Service: Application
Building, SQL Workshop,
Simplify Application Development on
• PL/SQL Developers
• Non-professional developers
• Power users
• Departments
• Small enterprises
Application Express – Declarative
• No code is generated
• You write some SQL and
optionally PL/SQL
• Declarative development
yields fewer differences
between developers
• Less risk for developer
introduced security
• Meta data driven
• Development
Easy point-and-click
Reduces Time, Complexity and Expense
No Client Software
Leverages existing SQL Skills
Integrated SQL Workshop
• Architecture
• Integrated into Database
• Multi Tenant Hosting
• No extra cost (feature of the database)
Standard App Dev Features
Architecture Overview
With the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway
(XE and 11g)
With Oracle HTTP Server (Apache) and mod_plsql
Multi Tenant Hosting
• Self Service Provisioning
• Consolidate Applications
Application Express Availability
• Feature of the Oracle 10g Database
• Supported on Oracle and higher
• Delivered on the Companion CD with 10gR1 and
• Is the interface of Oracle Database 10g Express
Edition (XE)
• Standard database component in 11gR1 (installable
via Database Configuration Assistant)
Application Express 3.0 New Features
• Key Changes and Enhancements
•Declarative PDF Reporting Services
•Flash Charts
•Drag & Drop Item layout
•Improved Web-Services
•Access Migration Workshop
•New Item types
•Calendar Enhancements
•Supporting objects enhancement
•Page & Region Caching
•Item Finder Enhancements
•Application and Schema Comparison
•Bookmark URL’s
•Improved Workspace administration
BI Publisher
• Print PDF, Word, Excel, or HTML
“High Fidelity” Printing
Seamlessly Integrated with Application Express
Develop RTF Templates using Word Plug-In
Full Oracle Support
Declarative PDF Reporting Services
• Select Report Document Formats
Declarative PDF Reporting Services
• Define Report Queries
• Associate Report Layouts
Flash Charts
• 18 New Chart Types
• Migrate existing SVG Charts
Improved Web Services
• Extended Support
• Web Services created using JDeveloper
• Oracle BPEL synchronous Web services
• Interact with Web services over SSL (HTTPS)
• Including services requiring basic authentication
• Manually create Web service references
Drag & Drop Item Creation
• Quickly create and Delete
• Reorder and place items
• Change selected item
Page & Region Caching
• Improve Application Performance
• Reduce Database Overhead
• Ideal for Public Pages and Regions
Access Migration Workshop
• Migrate in 7 Easy Steps
• Export Microsoft Access
• Migrate the Microsoft Access
database to Oracle
• Create an Oracle Application
Express Workspace
• Create a migration project
• Analyze the Microsoft Access
• Generate the Oracle Application
Express Application
• Customize your Application
Express application
Calendar Enhancement
• Support for additional attributes
• Weekly Calendar View
• Daily Calendar View
Schema Comparison
• View Schema Comparison Reports
• View Details
• View Differences
Application Comparison
• View Application Comparison Reports
• View Details
• View Differences
New Item Types
• Shuttle
• HTML Editor
• Minimal
• Standard
• Date Picker (Customizable format mask)
Item Finder Enhancement
• Search now includes
• Images
• CSS files
Improved Instance & Workspace
• Configure Security Settings
• Set rules for Password Expiry
• Enforce “Strong” Password creation
• Minimum characters
• Numeric/Alphanumeric Characters
• Change password on first use
• Useful for system generated initial passwords
• Account Locking Facility
• Define Workspace sizes
• Request for an email of your Workspace Names
• Log containing of login attempts
Packaged Applications
• Project Tracking
• Online Store
• People Search
• Ask the Expert
• Discussion Forum
• Issue Tracker
• Bug Tracker
• Document Management
Packaged Applications Coming Soon
• Event Management
• Asset Management
• Loan Analyzer
• Timesheets
• Status Reports
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