How to Get Started Using Your FlexJobs Account

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How to Get Started
Using Your FlexJobs Account
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How to Get Started
Using Your FlexJobs Account
Jeremy Anderson, Director of Client Services
Jess Vyvial-Larson, Client Services Support & Writer
Brie Reynolds, Director of Content & Social Media
What we’ll cover today:
Setting Up Your Resume Profile
How to do it and why it matters
Advanced Search Options
Targeting your search and best practices
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Setting Up Your FlexJobs Resume Profile
Purpose of Your
Resume Profile
 To help automate your job
 To alert you of new jobs which
match your career interests
 To allow you to apply for
positions with FlexJobs
Featured Employers
 To create your resume and give
you a PDF copy
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2 Types of Employers on FlexJobs
FlexJobs Featured Employers
Employers have come directly to FlexJobs
Screened and approved by our staff
Post their jobs to FlexJobs
Browse job seekers’ resume profiles to select
potential candidates
External Employers
 Our job researchers find these employers through
outside websites
 Screened and verified for legitimacy
 Do not post their jobs directly to FlexJobs
 Cannot browse job seekers’ resume profiles
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Tips for Setting Up Resume Profiles
Create more than one
 Interested in multiple types of
jobs? Create profiles for each type
 Use clear, precise, and catchy
titles for each profile
Fill out as much info
as possible
 Set Profile Privacy Status
 Most Important: Job Category &
Job Details
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Video for Job Search Profile Creation
10 minute thorough walk-thru
On right-side menu when viewing resume profile
See each step
Watch anytime & refer back for tips
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Advanced Search Options
 Search Jobs by Keyword: To search for a specific term used
in your field or for general searching
 Exclude these Words: Filter positions without certain
keywords or terms by entering them into this field
 Category: Fastest, easiest way to search - Each job assigned
up to 5 categories
 Job Type: Choose if you are looking to work as a freelancer,
full-time, or part-time employment
 Type of Job Flexibility: Choose from telecommuting, parttime, a freelancing contract, or flexible schedule
 Level of Telecommuting: Choose 100%, Mostly, Some, or
Option to telecommute
 Location: Select your state. Can also choose “and available
 Select Country: Default = U.S., but you can choose other
countries to search in
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Tips for Advanced Searching
More is not always better
 Choosing too many at once can limit
search results
Keywords: Mix ‘Em Up
 Try variations
 Must be exact match
Not getting enough
 Select Job Category, Level of
Telecommuting, and Location
Gives broad search results in your field
and location
Doesn’t limit search by keyword
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