Trudy Reynolds, Oxfordshire Going Further Faster, Personal Health

Caring, safe and excellent
TLAP – Personalisation in
Health and Care Conference
Trudy Reynolds
Oxford Health NHS Foundation
Caring, safe and excellent
• Community MH Foundation Trust
• 5 community Hospitals
• In-depth PHB site – offering people eligible
for NHS Continuing Healthcare a PHB
• Number of joint health and social care
funded packages
Caring, safe and excellent
Background to Joint Funded
Health and Social Care
• Section 75 for more than 10 years
• Pooled budgets for mental health, physical
disability LD, and older people
• Approximately 450 people receiving joint
funded packages of care
• Processes can be complicated and not
easy for people to understand.
Caring, safe and excellent
Joint Funded Packages
• Primary social care need but some health
• Self-funded care plus healthcare funding
• Social care funding plus healthcare
• 5 levels of delegated healthcare tasks
• Health funding only available for level 3 &
4 delegated healthcare tasks
Caring, safe and excellent
What have we done so far ?
• 50 PHBs for people eligible for CHC
• Joint external provider contracts
• Review Delegated Healthcare Task list
• Piloting a new model for training PAs
• Simplification of budget setting tools
towards a more holistic offer
• Piloting model for support planning
Caring, safe and excellent
What Next ?
Joined up more holistic ‘offer’
Workforce – internal/external
Simplified budget setting
Accessible/timely training for PAs
Joined up approach to reviewing the
• Information and data
Caring, safe and excellent
• Strong Government and local commitment to
this agenda
• Great opportunities to improve outcomes for
individuals and achieve better value for money
• Next challenge is how to roll out at scale in a
sustainable way without large scale
organisational change.
Caring, safe and excellent
Delegated Healthcare Tasks
• NHS funding available
• Assessment by HCP / SW identifies the healthcare tasks
• Tasks are allocated a specific number of hours / minutes
of time per day / week
• Funding is applied based on the hourly rate for care
agency / personal assistant and given as part of the
personal budget
• Health funding can increase or decrease depending on
individual’s needs
Caring, safe and excellent
Training Protocols Level 1 & 2
• Carer / PA receives theoretical and practical training from
their employer (i.e. care agency), Support with
Confidence programme or an appropriate healthcare
• Examples of Level 1 & 2 Tasks include:
- emptying and changing catheter bags
- basic moving & handling, including use of hoists
- assistance of getting up and putting to bed
- application of prescribed creams / lotions
Caring, safe and excellent
Training Protocols Level 3 & 4
• Carer / PA receives training from an appropriate
Healthcare Professional i.e. DN, Staff nurse/ hospital
clinician, Community Physiotherapist, Shared care nurse
• Where possible, training should be part of the discharge
process when clients are in hospital
• Under no circumstances may these procedures be
carried out without the appropriate training and signing
off by a Healthcare Professional
• Examples include: Complex moving and handling,
Administration of oxygen, suction via tracheostomy

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