Lauren Abruzzo

Jessica Shupe
Brownsville, PA
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: The house
of night series
Favorite show: SVU and
family guy
One sister named Brittany
Desperate Housewives
Alpha Phi
Fast & Furious
New Castle, PA
It Girl – Jason Derulo
Lauren Abruzzo
Sophomore - PPYII
Hometown: Philly
Color - GREEN
Sports teams – Flyers and Phillies
TV Show – Greys Anatomy and
Law & Order SVU
• Music – Drake
• Movie – Aladdin
• Interesting Facts:
• One younger brother
• Works at CVS
• Played lacrosse in high
Class of 2014
I love DaveMatthews Band, Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah
Dogs, and Eric Clapton
People always ask me if I watch “True Blood” because my last
name is the same as the main character’s, Sookie Stackhouse.
I started to because I felt so bad that I didn’t (but now it’s
one of my favorite shows!)
I am obsessed with hats
I’ll wear almost anything with a peacock or leopard print!
Celebrate we will
For life is short but sweet for certain
Emma DeCourcy
Hometown: Wethersfield,
Favorite color: Purple/Black
Hobbies: I love to play soccer and
tennis, I’m a borderline shopaholic,
I LOVE my cat, McDreamy,
(named after Dr. Shepard from
Grey’s Anatomy) and my middle
name is Bickford 
 I was born in Tennessee on December 23, 1991.
 I am from Eden, NY a small town outside of Buffalo.
 I have a little sister (18), older sister (22), and older brother (24)!
 I love my Family and our Bichon Frise named Isabella!
 I have a goal to travel the world before I am 30!
 My favorite color is pink!
 I smile all the time!
About Hyo Joo
Name: Hyo Joo Jeon
I’m from South Korea
I’m the only child in my
I love to watch movie
My favorite movies are
Old Boy, Dark Night, and
RED is my favorite color!!
About Me…..
I am from Buffalo, NY and attended
Sacred Heart Academy
Nicknames: Shell or Mich (most people
from back home call me Mich)
Word that describes me best:
COUNTRY! I listen to country music
24/7 and I love the lyrics and lifestyle. I
also want to move down south
My favorite color : green!
My dream vehicle : a Jeep Wrangler
Coolest places that I ‘ve traveled:
London, Amsterdam, Nashville, TN, US
Virgin Islands, and the Bahamas
Favorite TV show: Friends and The Big
Bang Theory
Favorite Sports: Volleyball and Hockey
• Michelle Nowacki
Rachael Ross
Polka Dots
Alpha Sigma Tau
North Wildwood Beach Patrol
Pharmacology Research
Boyfriend: Michael
Hometown: Greensburg, Pa
High School: Greensburg Central Catholic
Sports Played in High School: Field Hockey and Lacrosse
Favorite Color: Yellow/Blue
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Favorite T.V. Show: Real Housewives
Favorite Book: Thirteen Reasons Why
Favorite Movie: The Hangover
Favorite Sports Team: THE PENGUINS<3
Favorite Season: Summer
School: Duquesne University
Now I’m a sophomore
•Small-town girl
•Rush fan (classic rock band)
will probably be a theme in my wedding
since age 4 – tap and
hip hop are my favorite 
•Will hopefully marry my
HS sweetheart <3
•Loves hot tea in the morning
Siblings: Older brother and step-sister same age
Candy: Kit-Kats, Tootsie Rolls, Rasonettes
Movies/Books: NICHOLAS SPARKS!!!
I never became a pharmacist
I’d probably work at a local
1950’s car-hop drive-in. Been
there since I was 14 and
absolutely love it!
Nikki Namisnyk
Date of Birth: 10/16/1991
Graduation Class: 2016
From: Sharon, PA
Family: Twin Sister, Natalie
Older Sister, Megan
Work: ICP Pharmacy Care – long term care
Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple
About me: I love my dogs, Otis and Lucy,
more than anything. My mom is my best
friend. I love ABC TV shows like Grey’s and
Once Upon a time. I broke my tailbone in
high school and I’m going to the Dominican
for the first time over spring break with
some of my Alpha Gam sisters!
Stephanie Mitchell
Date of Birth: February 17th, 1992
Hometown: Canonsburg, PA, where Sarris’ Candies are
Favorite Color: To wear- Black. In general- Blue.
Book: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks or any book
written by Nicholas Sparks really.
Movie: Footloose, the one from 1984 even though I
enjoyed the 2011 version.
TV Show: The Voice, That 70’s Show, and The Challenge:
Battle of the Exes.
Candy: Milk Duds, Twix, or Frozen Kit Kats.
Food: Filet Mignon or Buffalo Chicken Dip.
Etc.: HUGE Penguins/hockey fan. Obsessed with
photography, quotes, and my family. Athletic. Shy at first,
but I can open up very easily. Retail therapy solves
everything. I’ve never had a boyfriend. I want a black or
blue diamond engagement ring and I can not go a day
without music.
Hometown: Vineland, New Jersey
Year: Sophomore Class of 2016
Birthdate: May 21, 1992
Favorite Color: Purple and Grey
Favorite Show: The Big Bang Theory & Say Yes
to the Dress
Favorite Candy: Twizzler Nibs
Favorite Season: Winter
Interesting Facts:
♦ I went to an ALL girl Catholic High School.
My graduating class was 50.
♦ I am afraid of frogs
♦ I have a black Cat- Lily & 4 dogs- a
Pomeranian: Kopper, a Miniature Pincher:
Oliver, a Boxer: Maximus, and a White
Pitbull: Ethan
♦ I want to travel after I graduate
♦ I can quote Forgetting Sarah Marshall &
Friends With Benefits. I have a crush on Mila
♦ I wouldn’t give up my Jeep for anything in the
Sydney Kehr
Hometown: Wakarusa, Indiana
Favorite TV shows: Gilmore Girls and Parenthood
Favorite Color: Pale lime green and cerulean
Birthday: July 19, 1991
Work Experience: Lot Attendant at a Ford Dealership, Pharmacy Intern.
I love rock. (Avenged Sevenfold, Hinder, Papa Roach, Saving Abel, etc.)
I love coffee and wish I had more time to read for fun.
I am deathly afraid of clowns or anything in a mascot/animal suit.
I LOVE to shop. I love finding sales/bargains but still probably spend
way too much…
 I am very eclectic. I can be girly as well as a tom-boy.
 Especially in my clothing style. I love to dress up, but also to dress punk.
 I am proud to drive a rusty 1992 Navy F-150 with a Kelly Green tailgate.
 I competed in several beauty pageants back home, mainly Fair Queen where I received
4th Runner-up.
 I have been a member of the Elkhart County Fair Board for four years. We have the
largest County Fair in the Nation and I plan my year around those 10 days. I love it!
 I love Volleyball, Tennis and Cheerleading (played all three all through high school).
 I love to cook, garden, bake and shoot. I am a champion marksman in Elkhart County in
shotgun, rifle and archery.
 I love to paint my nails crazy colors but still change it at least 1-2 times a week.
 I love almost every kind of chocolate. I hate Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pecans and Coconut
 I wish to someday live in a big house on the beach.
Katie Guido
• I am from Michigan.
• I am an only child.
• I have a chocolate lab
named Mocha.
• My favorite color is
• My favorite animal is
a buffalo.
• My favorite TV
show is “Big Bang
Theory” and I don’t
really have a
favorite movie.
• I don’t have a
specific favorite
book, but I like
anything from
mysteries to classic
• I love outdoor
activities like hiking,
biking and
Hometown: Kishinev, Moldova
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Book: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Trilogy)
Fun Facts:
-My favorite animal is a unicorn 
-I don’t have a twitter!
-I love mushrooms and mangos (separately)
-Evgeni Malkin had dinner at my house but I don’t
watch hockey
-I’m an only child and am absolutely obsessed with
my parents
Nancy Lee
Hometown: Queens, NY
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Movie: The Notebook
Favorite TV Show: Modern
Favorite Artist: Sara Bareilles
Jess Glas
• From Cranberry Twp., Pa
• Class of 2016
Favorite Things:
Color: Purple
Movie: Miss Congeniality/ Star Wars
TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Book: Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult
Food: Chocolate
•Oldest of three (younger brother and
•Love my dog
•Obsessed with nail polish and nail art
• Rock climber
•Cookie dough cupcakes are my specialty
Cristina Mazzocchi
•Birthday: January 5, 1992
•Hometown: Erie, PA
•Family: Dad, Mom, sister Andrea, who is 15 months younger
than me.
•I have three dogs: Bear, Zoey, and Rebel. My family treats them
like children.
•Favorite shows: SVU, Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Dance
•I’m 100% Italian
•Favorite Colors: Red and Green, but not because of Christmas!
•Work in a hospital pharmacy at home, as well as Steak n Shake
•I change my nail polish every two or three days
•I enjoy snowboarding.
•I love the Steelers and hate that my boyfriend is a Ravens fan.
•I am obsessed with Vera Bradley.
•Everyday I wear a silver necklace with a Italian Horn charm and
a St. Christopher Charm .
•I’ve worn glasses since I was 4
•I’ve never met anyone else who spells Cristina without an “h”
like I do.
•Born November 25, 1991 in Warren, OH
•From Hollidaysburg, PA
•I love all romantic comedies.
•Have been a dancer for 12 years.
•Favorite TV shows are American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars, & The Vampire Diaries.
•Coffee is my favorite. Any kind, anytime, anywhere.
•Favorite color is purple – all shades.
•My car’s name is Becky. She is a burgundy Ford Escort.
•I love music, any & all kinds, & I have a huge collection.
•I have a younger sister (16) & three cats.
Rose Brown
• Sophomore
• Hometown: Apollo, PA
• Favorite color: Orange
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Fun Facts:
• My roommate and I have a pet turtle named Pickles
• I travelled to Hawaii last summer
• I have an older brother who will be graduating from LaRoche
College this May

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