Improving Triathlon
Alan Finder
14 January 2015
CDTC Winter Lecture Series #1
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• Introductions/About Me
• Transition Setup
• T1 Tips
• T2 Tips
• Questions
About Me
• Multisport athlete since 2007
• Member of Challenge Family Triathlon Team
• Get 10% off Challenge Race Entry – AFTRI15
• Racing History:
• 2 x Full
• 5 x Half
• Many Olympic and Sprint Events
• Wins at:
• CDTC Crystal Lake Triathlon – 2014
• Delmar Duathlon – 2012, 2013
• Moreau Lake Aquathlon – 2013
• Running, Cycling, and Swimming
Transition Setup – Bike Placement
• Place bike in front of bike rack number
• Move in direction that the bike rack number is facing
• Majority of bike in front of bike rack number
Transition Setup – Gear Placement
• Your personal space
• Towel, Tmat, Tshirt, etc.
• Position gear in order of use
• Bike Gear
• Shoes can be clipped in to pedals
Rubber bands
• Helmet on aerobars – storage
Straps flipped out
Computer, GPS, etc.
Set to “Auto Pause on Stop”
• Proper gearing for Bike Out
• Run Gear
• Shoes
TriSlide on heels, tongue, instep
Socks – HIM or longer
• Watch, GPS, etc.
• Hat, Visor, etc.
• Race Belt
“Be quick, but don’t hurry”
- John Wooden
T1 – Swim to Bike
• Know where your bike is
• During setup, walk from Swim Exit to Bike
• 100-200m before Swim Exit
• Kick, kick, kick – get blood to legs
• Running into T1
• Peel wetsuit to waist, goggles off, cap off
• Removing wetsuit
• Peel wetsuit down to ankles
• Stomp, stomp, stomp, until feet are free
• Cut wetsuit at calves diagonally
• TriSlide (SBR Products) makes everything easier
• Drop wetsuit in place, don’t cover up run gear
T1 – Swim to Bike ctd.
• Buckle helmet first
• 2-4min time penalty!
• Socks
• Waste of time under HIM distance  use TriSlide to prevent blisters
• If needed, roll down & use corn starch to absorb water
• Shoes Clipped In:
• Shoes not clipped in:
• Rubber bands
• Fasten as normal
• Run out w/ bike
• Run out w/ bike
• Flying Mount or
• Stationary Mount
stationary mount
• All nutrition should be on bike
• Water/sports drink, gels, bars, salt, etc.
• Electrical tape gels to top tube
T1 – Swim to Bike ctd.
• Flying Mount
• Run past mount line with bike on
right side
• Do not stop moving
• Place both hands on handlebars
• Jump over saddle
• Land on thigh!
• Pedal with feet on top of shoes
• Gain speed, coast, slip feet into
• Ride until you have some space
• Head up
• No weaving around – stay straight
T1 – Swim to Bike ctd.
• Stationary Mount with shoes
clipped in
• Run past mount line with bike
on right side
• Stop
• Avoid middle of mount area
• Step right leg over bike
• Right foot into shoe
• Push off with left foot & start
• Gain speed, coast, slip left foot
into shoe
• Ride until you have some space
• Head up
• No weaving around – stay straight
Why keep your shoes clipped in?
• Barefoot running is faster
• Cleats are slippery on
• Cleats get damaged on
• Less stationary time in T1
T2 – Bike to Run
Shoes off half mile before T2, pedal with feet on top of shoes
Low gear, high RPM – spin the legs out
Top off on nutrition and fluids
Running dismount – always
• Feather brakes, swing right leg over and behind left leg
• Slow down until comfortable
• Step right foot down into a jog
• Run bike back to spot
• Walk this route pre-race
• Rack bike by handlebars
• Helmet off
T2 – Bike to Run ctd.
• Socks
• Unnecessary under Half Distance
• Toughen up your feet
• Roll down and use corn starch if needed
• Shoes on
• Speed laces
• Dial in fit before the race
• TriSlide on tongue, heels, and instep
• Nutrition as required
• Grab race belt, gps, nutrition, etc.
• Run out with gear in hands
• Put on as you run
General Guidelines
• Transition time is free speed
• +15s in T2 = 5s/mi in 5k run
• You are always racing!
• Do not move frantically
“Be quick, but don’t hurry” – John Wooden
Every motion has a purpose, be deliberate
Slow down so you don’t make mistakes
Preparation is crucial – practice, practice, practice
• Summer Open Water Swims

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