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Bell Ringer
January 26, 2015 Create Your Own Menu WS
School Day 101
Daily Decimal (DD):
1. What is the School Day to the Total days in the School
Year as a Percent rounded to nearest hundredth?
2. A dog catches 8 out of 14 flying disks thrown. What is
the experimental probability that it will catch the next
3. If Ted popped 8 balloons out of 12 tries, what is the
experimental probability that he will pop the next
Clear Target – I will be able to determine all possible
combinations from an event.
Composition Notebook
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Unit 9 and Highlight
Add 9.A: “FCP Discovery”
(2 pages)
Add 9.B: “FCP Diagram Notes”
(2 pages)
Add 9.C: “Light Bulb”
Light Bulb
What I know about probability.
When using the Fundamental
Counting Principle, we multiply
the number of options in each
choice together. All possible
outcomes of an experiment is the
sample space.
Practice Problems
1) Enrique tosses a coin and spins
the spinner at right. What are all
the possible outcomes? How many
outcomes are in the sample space?
Practice Problems
2) An ice cream stand offers cake
cones, waffle cones, or cups to
hold ice cream. You can get
vanilla, chocolate, strawberry,
pistachio, or coffee flavored ice
cream. If you order a single
scoop, what are all the possible
options, you have?
Practice Problems
3) A game includes a number cube
and spinner divided into 4 equal
sectors. Each player rolls the
number cube and spins the spinner.
How many outcomes are possible?
Practice Problems
4) At noon, Aretha can watch a
football game, a basketball game,
or a documentary about horses on
TV. At 3:00, she can watch a
different football game, a movie,
or a concert. What are all the
possible outcomes?
Practice Problems
5) For breakfast, Clarissa can
choose from oatmeal, cornflakes,
or scrambled eggs. She can drink
milk, orange juice, apple juice,
or hot chocolate. What are all
possible outcomes?
Practice Problems
6) A pizza shop offers thick
crust, thin crust, or stuffed
crust. The choices of toppings are
pepperoni, cheese, hamburger,
Italian sausage, Canadian bacon,
onions, bell peppers, mushrooms,
and pineapple. How many different
one-topping pizzas could you
Write About It
7) Explain how to determine the
size of the sample space when you
toss three number cubes at the
same time.
8) Suppose you flip a penny, a
nickel, and a dime at the same
time. What are all the possible
Exit Slip
Viking Burger offers five different types
of burgers, two different types of buns,
and two different types of cheese.
Based on what we did in class, does
Viking Burger or Mighty Eagle Cafe
offer more options?

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