Haitian Rev - South Shore International College Preparatory High

Bell Ringer
 Why would a fist be
regularly used to symbolize
a revolution?
 What does it mean to be
 How do you think a
colonizing country would
treat the people they
colonized? Why?
House Keeping
 SUB DAY: Friday, February 7, 2013
 Students who turned in their work!
 Students who complied with SUB
 Follow directions
 Leaving my room a mess…. Very disrespectful to me.
Colonial Society
 Colonized by France
 4 Groups in Society
Grand Blancs
Free People of Color
Petit Blancs
 Very poor working conditions
 Needed 40,000 new slaves
every year!
Problems and Rumors
 People of Haiti heard of the
Declaration of Rights of Man and
 “All men are born and remain free…”
 French Gov. explain those rules do not
apply to French colonies.
 Already existing racial tensions mixed
with incorrect rumors of freedom
launched a slave rebellion.
The Revolution: Guerrilla
 Guerrilla Warfare: the use of non-traditional war tactics. Typically
“irregular” soldiers, normally motivated by a personal mission or
ideology. Very dangerous, very little rules…
 Willing to destroy your own country and land for your freedom
 Haitian slaves were SO frustrated by the rumors and their social
conditions, they fought against the whites
 BURNED plantations, and mass murders
Toussaint LouOverture
 Full African descent but born in Haiti.
 40 year old, male, former slave (RARE)
 Gifted military and political leader
 Led an army of disciplined former
slaves in the slave revolt.
 Ultimately successful in winning the
revolution against France, negotiated
with Britain and Spain.
 Encouraged Haitians to continue the
plantation system because sugar and
coffee was so profitable.
 ONLY successful slave revolt in
World History!
 Word of successful slave
rebellion terrified neighboring
colonies and countries.
 Most PROFITABLE colony to
complete POVERTY
 Guerrilla Warfare was so
damaging to the environment
of Haiti, that post-war Haiti STILL
struggles with poverty
Bell Ringer
 Please sit in your READING GROUPS.
 Have your homework SECONDARY SOURCE
You will need a RED PEN and a HIGHLIGHTER
 Answer the following questions in your notebook:
I will come around in 2 minutes
 Who colonized Haiti?
 What made Haiti so profitable?
 Describe 2 features of slavery in Haiti.
Bell Ringer
 Answer the following question in your notebook:
 How are social hierarchies related to economic
 Hint: Use Estates General and the social hierarchies in Haiti
in your answer.
 What do you think your strengths and weaknesses
were on your OPVL essay?
 Please have the following items out on your desk
 Mini DBQ- OPVL Bible
 Guerilla Warfare homework
 Blank sheet of loose leaf paper with a full heading
at the top right.
Thesis common mistakes
 State the theme, address the prompt, and the two categories of
the SPRITE chart you are addressing.
 Good example: “The French Revolution was caused by the social and
political conditions of the country.”
 Theme:
 Prompt:
 “The french revolution was caused by social and economic
 Capitalization
 Redundancy
TOPIC common mistakes
 TOPIC sentence: what will be the topic of your
paragraph? Be more specific than your SPRITE category.
 Good example: “The social causes for the French Revolution
were centered around inequality.”
 What’s the theme?
 What’s the SPRITE category?
 What specific issue will this entire paragraph be about?
 What’s Wrong with this Example: “The French Revolution was
caused by the social situations.”
 What’s the theme?
 What’s the SPRITE category?
 What specific issue will this entire paragraph be about?
OPVL mistakes
 Specifically mention which document you are using to prove your
 Examples of sentences earning points for Origin:
 “Document 1 is a primary source.”
 “The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen was written by the
National Assembly.”
 “Document 1 was written in 1789.”
 “The National Assembly wrote the Declaration of Rights of Man and
Citizen in order to write equality into the government of France
despite your social rank.” (O/P)
OPVL Mistake
 PURPOSE: What was the PURPOSE of creating this
 Good Examples:
 “Document 1 was passed in an effort to get rid of
the Estates General in France.”
 “This Declaration’s purpose was to create equality
in France.”
 “The members of the National Assembly wanted
to get rid of the three different estates.”
 “The National Assembly wrote the Declaration of
Rights of Man and Citizen in order to write equality
into the government of France despite your social
rank.” (O/P)
 DO NOT SUMMARIZE the document!! Tell me HOW the
document matters or HOW this has impacted the
people! Your value could/should take more than one
 Good Examples:
 “The Declaration reflects the frustration of the
commoners just before the French Revolution. The call
for sovereignty and equality before the law shows the
injustices the third estate was experiencing previously.
Since passing the Declaration of Rights of Man and
Citizen, all the people of France were no longer
distributed among three different estates, but now had
equal opportunity.”
 What’s wrong with this example:
 “The peasant was on the bottom, which is how they
viewed the poor, a nun was on her back and an
aristocratic lady.”
 Identify the bias AND WHY THAT BIAS IS A
 Good Examples: “Document one was bias
towards the commoners and was biased against
the clergy and nobility because it only focuses on
the commoners being over taxed and
mistreated while the clergy and nobility were
wealthy with equal rights.”
 What’s wrong with this example:
 “This document was bias to the commoners.”
Bell Ringer
 Organize your Binder/Folder. You will have a Binder Quiz this Friday.
Make sure you have the following items in the correct order. If not,
make sure you write down what you need to download from the school
 Readings:
Secondary Source Reading: The French Revolution
Primary Source: The Declarations of Rights of Man and Citizen
Secondary Source : The Haitian Revolution
Secondary Source: Guerrilla Warfare
 Essays:
 How to Mini DBQ and OPVL Bible
 Mini DBQ French Revolution (both drafts if possible)
 Mini DBQ Haitian Revolution
 Notes:
 All bell ringers
 Notes on French and Haitian Revolutions

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