Thursday, Aug. 28
• Today we will define
conflict, continuity, and
change by analyzing
multiple events
throughout history.
• We will investigate how
“change” was
made/attempted early in
African American History
by examining primary
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• Warm Up
• Picture Association
• Historical
• Closure
Pink Desk: Gather materials
Pick your top 3 favorite NFL teams.
Your team name will be based off
the NFL teams:
Baltimore Ravens
-Dallas Cowboys
Washington Redskins - Green Bay Packers
Philedelphia Eagles
- Minnesota Vikings
Pittsburgh Steelers
- Kansas City Cheifs
Detroit Lions
-Oakland Raiders
San Diego Chargers
-Seattle Seahawks
NE Patriots
-San Fran 49ers
Tampa Bay Bucs
-Houston Texans
Carolina Panther
- Indianapolis Colts
Miami Dolphins
-Jacksonville Jaguars
Buffalo Bills
-Tennesee Titans
NY Giants
- Chicago Bears
NY Jets
-Denver Broncos
Cleveland Browns
-Arizona Cardinals
Cincinati Bengals
- St. Louis Rams
Warm Up
Orange Desk- Collect Materials
Green Desk- Recorder
Pink Desk- Clean Up
Yellow Desk- Gather Handouts/Check Master
1. How many days do you have to
makeup an assessment (test) if you were
2. What was the name of my Blink-182
cover band?
3. How many unexcused absences can
you have until you “lose credit” (fail the
4. What is the breakdown of all three
graded categories? (How much
percentage is homework, formative,
and summative worth)
Warm Up
Orange Desk- Clean Up
Green Desk- Gather Handouts/ Check Master
Pink Desk- Gather Materials
Yellow Desk- Recorder
1. True/False: The main motive for
slavery in the Americas was to
maximize profit.
2. What did the Europeans use to
trade for slaves?
a.) Guns
b.) Rum
c.) Clothes
d.) All the above
3. _____-_______ _______ was the
name given to the process of exchange
of goods from Europe, to Africa, to the
4. . True/False: All Africans in the
Carribean and Colonies were slaves.
Warm Up
1. What is your initial reaction to this ad? What is being sold?
2. How would you feel if you were a freedmen and you saw
this? What if you were a white plantation owner? What
about if you were a former slave?
“Middle Passage: White Ships, Black Cargo” by Tom Feelings
Tri-Angular Trade
Guns, Rum,
& Clothing
-West Indies & Brazil combined to import ____% of African slaves.
-Which 2 American locations had the least amount of slaves? Why?
1. How would you
compare the physical
landscape of New
England and the Middle
Colonies to that of the
Lower South &
2. How would you compare the
population of A/As north and
south of MD.
3. How does that relate to
Question #1?
“The slave traders, they knew that these were human
beings, because they were obviously, clearly human
beings. At the same time, they were objects of profit.
And those two concepts couldn't coexist.The sense of
humanity was simply suppressed for the sake of gold.
And the shocking thing is that human beings are able
to suppress their views on humanity for the sake of
making profits.”
B. Unsworth
1. To what extent do you agree or
disagree with this statement?
2. Have you ever done something for
money when you knew it was wrong, or
that it hurt someone?
Primary Documents
• We will be reading a pair of
historical documents.
– One is the first 10
Amendments (the Bill of
Rights) including the antislavery amendments
(Emancipation Proclamation
and 13, 14, and 15).
– The other is the state of
Georgia’s Slave Codes where
the treatment and justice for
A/As was “slightly” skewed
than the treatment of the
White population of the
1. Did you find what you expected
to? Were there any surprises?
2. Which fundamental American
principals (Amendments) do you
believe the Georgia Slave Codes
• We will now start our first
DBQ (Document Based
– Day 1: Do research and
collectively work with
your groups
– Day 2 (Block): Continue
Research and start
analysis of documents.
– Day 3: Organization and
written essay due.
“Who Killed
The Second Civil
• How would the
• Radical
following groups react
to the following
that supported
AA citizenship
and civil rights.
• Freedmen: Former slaves
• Ku Klux Klan:
• Carpetbaggers:
Northerners who went
South to “help” with
that opposed
• Scalawags: Southerners
and rights for
who supported the North
after the war.
• Go through, read and answer
all the documents and their
Green = Document A
Pink = Document B
Orange= Document C
Yellow = Document D
Once you’re done, you will
meet with the other similar
colored desks in the class to
become an expert on your
When your color groups
are done meeting, it is up
to you to teach your
group about your specific
Doc. A (Letter on the KKK and
1. What group or groups are the
KKK threatening ?
2. According to Tourgee, what
types of people are being
attacked by the KKK? Why
would the KKK attack these
3. How does the way John
Stephens was killed support
the idea the KKK was a
terrorist organization?
4. How does this doc/carton help
answer the DBQ question?
Doc. B (Abram Colby Testimony)
1. Why did the KKK
attack Colby?
2. According to Colby,
what types of people
make up the KKK?
3. What seems to be the
ultimate goal of the
4. What is the main idea
of the cartoon?
Doc. C (Northern Corruption)
1. Explain the phrase “weary ‘Negro
Question’” an “’sick of carpet
bag’ government”.
2. What is Pres. Grant trying to find
in the barrel?
3. If Pres. Grant was busy with
scandals, what is likely to happen
to his focus on Reconstruction
efforts in the South?
4. Why might increased anger
about corruption in government
lead to less interest in
government attempts to
reconstruct the South?
Doc. D (The Death of Reconstruction;
1. According to the transcript,
why did some people believe
blacks were unfit to be
government officials?
2. How does the letter show that
racism existed in the North?
3. How does this cartoon and
letter help explain why
Northerners lost interest in
4. How does the image depict
politicians in the South?
What Did You Learn In School Today?
1. List 3 differences between
the Wade-Davis Bill, Pres.
Johnson’s Plan and
President Lincoln’s Plan.
2. Would you have
supported Lincoln’s,
Johnson’s Plan or the
Wade-Davis Bill? Provide 2
reasons to support your

similar documents