Thematic Essay Workshop

Tweety Tuesday
The changes of the
Neolithic Revolution
-one person creates 3 hashtags, then passes it to a
-The partner writes 3 complete sentences on ONE
Thematic Essay Workshop
The Global Regents:
-50 Multiple Choice questions
-1 Thematic Essay
-1 DBQ essay (document based questions)
-12-13 Documents questions.
The regents is graded with a conversion chart.
This chart adds the correct multiple choice and
DBQ questions to your essay grades. You must get
at least one THREE to pass.
Why does it matter?
The regents has 50 MC, 1 thematic, 13 DBQ questions and a DBQ essay to write.
Then the regents is graded on a conversion chart. Most students get a 25/50
MC right, which means they HAVE to do well on the essays!
Avg. score: 25MC + 12 DBQ=37
That means you have to get to 3s
on your essays to pass!!
What is a Thematic Essay?
Thematic Essays prove a point and your job is to provide evidence for it. You
will need to pick an argument and persuade the audience of your opinion.
This is much easier than you think, just present the information you know on
the topic!
This is just like English! You make a thematic statement then defend it!
What makes a 3?
Look at the rubric for a 3:
Descriptive: To tell about
and illustrate in words
Analysis: break an idea into
parts to determine
relationships and associations
What makes a 2?
-no intro/
-mostly correct
Hints to write a 3
-jot down ideas BEFORE you read the suggestions
-organize into intro, body, body, conclusion
-Do not list but include as much information as possible (remember some
can be wrong!!)
-After writing check that you FINISHED the whole task.
Persuasion Map
Organize your thoughts before you
For this workshop you will write
about the economic, social and
political impact of the Neolithic
You need an intro and a
Must include you thematic sentence, or what you are writing about. You can
reword the theme just do NOT copy it:
Revolutions have occurred throughout history and have changed the
development of the world. Revolutions are changes to basic things, events
or ideas. One Revolution that had lasting impacts on the political, social
and economic spheres of life was the Neolithic Revolution. The changes
during the Neolithic period have affected the entire world to present day.
What is my thematic sentence?
is my
The changes
the thematic
Neolithic period
have effected the
entire world to present day.
Group up
Count by 3s and work together to brainstorm what to write about. I will be
coming around to help you work on intros and body paragraphs.
You are NOT writing today, just completing the Persuasion Map

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