Social Reform DBQ Presentation Activity

• The suffrage movement had
many opponents.
Here is one example.
• What are some civil rights
movements today?
• What rights are they asking
• What do their opponents say
about their requests for rights?
Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage
Women reformers did NOT achieve any goals in the 1st half of the
19th century. In fact, they did not achieve the right to vote until 1920
when the 19th amendment to the constitution was passed.
Temperance Document A: The verse below is from the song The Drink We Choose. It is one of
several ballads sung by the Cold Water Army, a children’s temperance group in Connecticut during
the late 1840s.
The drink, that’s in the drunkard’s bowl is not the drink for me;
It kills his body and his soul; how sad a sight is he!
But there’s a drink that God has given, distilling in the showers of heaven,
In measures large and free; oh, that’s the drink for me.
Abuse of alcohol is not a laughing matter. While today we have school-based programs, such as D.A.R.E., and organizations
such as M.A.D.D., in the nineteenth century temperance was largely (if not exclusively) part of a religious movement.
Temperance Document B: The Effects of Drunkenness (1841) from a children’s book
Temperance Document C: The Victim of Ardent Spirits (c.1837‐1841)
Temperance Document D:
The Scale of Temperance
Temperance Document E: The Drunkards Progress: From the First Drink to the Grave (c.1800s)
• 1.What do Temperance Documents A‐E suggest is a social problem
during the 1800s? Why do you think this “social ill” is such a common
problem during this time period in U.S. History?
• 2.Temperance Documents A‐E: Draw a conclusion about what women,
were trying to accomplish with these visuals. Why do you think they were
trying to make these changes?
Temperance Document F:
The Annual Consumption of Distilled Spirits
3. Temperance Document F:
Were the efforts of women and Temperance
workers effective? Explain.
Health Reform Document A
Health Reform Document A cont’d
Health Reform Document B:
4.Health Reform Documents A‐B:
Why do you think an 1850 survey revealed that
only 1 in 4 women were healthy?
Health Reform Documents C:
Women’s fashion and leisure in the 1800s
• 5. Health Reform Documents C:
What changes were made in order to improve
women’s health? Do you consider these to be
major changes?
6. Education Reform Document A:
Identify three ways in which the education
system was reformed and improved.
Ain't I A Woman?
Stations will work like a DBQ activity this time. Please stay in
your seats and rotate your station after time is called.
USE YOUR NOTES to take your quiz- just ANSWER the question. You have choices below- you will not use all of them.
When finished, turn your quiz into your mod tray and STUDY your notes for the review game. Your test is tomorrow.
Choices: Transcendentalism, Indiana, Sojourner Truth, Dorothea Dix, Harriet Tubman, Montana, Grimke Sisters,
Florida, Abolition, Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison.
1) ____________ means to end slavery.
2) _____ influenced American identity. It formed the basis for protest called civil disobedience. It
taught that people could find the truth within themselves. It teaches people could learn from
3) ____ was the first state to allow women to divorce their husbands if their husbands had an alcohol
4)____ discovered persons with mental illnesses were being treated like criminals.
5)______was a conductor on the Underground Railroad.

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