Golden Age DBQ

Focus: How do we outline and compose a
superior D.B.Q. essay response?
1. Read the “Historical Context” and “Task”.
2. Create a blueprint for your essay based on the
3. Read and answer the Part A Questions and
categorize the documents into the
corresponding places on your blueprint– Skip
documents 4, 5 and7. We will discuss the
Muslim Golden Age and European Golden Age
at a later date. Therefore, choose (2) societies
from the remaining documents—i.e. Gupta
India, Athenian Greece, Roman Empire or Han
Analyze and Provide Outside
After you read and prepare your blueprint,
consider the following:
1. How are the achievements of the societies
similar and/or different?
2. What other information NOT included in the
documents could you add as ADDITIONAL
background information which might provide
context or depth?
Consider Dates
Take note of the dates on the documents
a. It could help you put the information into
historical context (i.e. What is going on in
that society at that time?)
b. It could help you make “cause” and
“effect” connections and/or could help you
evalulate change and/or continuity.
Consider Authors/Sources
1. Is it possible that there is BIAS to the
message in the documents BECAUSE of who
they are or what they stand for?
2. If it is a passage by a famous person, what
else do you know about the person?
Formulate your Thesis
1. Does it address the time, place and specific
topics and all parts of the task to be
addressed in the essay?
Hint: The specific topics could become the
topic sentences to the paragraphs of your
Compose your essay
1. Your essay should relate back to ALL of the
ideas mentioned in your thesis statement
and each body paragraph should fully these
2. Be sure that you use ALL of the relevant
documents for your topics!!
How to cite a document in Part B
Ancient Greece had many achievements during
its Golden Age, but perhaps it’s most brilliant
legacy is the concept of democracy. Due to
the relatively small size of Athenian society, all
members were able to directly participate in
the political process. According to Pericles,
there are no social distinctions between
citizens and they may all serve their country
RUBRIC Your Name:_____ Period:__
__(0-5)Did you prepare and complete your blue print?
__(10) Is your Thesis thorough and analytical? (Does it mention
the time, places and specific topics to be addressed? Does it
address ALL aspects of the Task?)
(0-25) Does the essay include analysis? i.e. mention of similarities
and differences, relevancy of authors, dates, etc..
___(0-25) Does the essay include relevant outside information and
go beyond a mere restatement of the information of the
___(0-30)Does the essay utilize all relevant documents to your
topic in a skillful and appropriate manner AND address all aspects
of the task?
__(0-5)Does the essay have a conclusion?

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