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Dr. Linda Kennard, Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Dedric McGhee, STEM Manager
Marcia White, Mathematics Advisor
Mathematics Instructional Advisors
Dr. Emily Barbee Margie Bell
Dr. Andre Crafford
Dr. Camilla Horton
Common Core State Standards
The 2013-14 school year is the final year to prepare for the PARCC assessment .
Grades K-2:
• Full implementation of the CCSSM in and the TNCore Focus Standards for K-2 have been released and are
posted with the 3-8 Focus Standards.
• SAT 10 will be narrowed to focus only on Common Core State Standards content (percent TBD)
Grades 3-8:
• Tennessee’s transition to the CCSSM will continue with grades 3-8 in the 2013-2014 school year. Teachers
will still teach the current TDP standards (minus the SPI’s to be dropped from the TCAP). In addition,
teachers will be teaching the TNCore Focus Standards.
• TCAP Achievement tests in math: 3-8 will be narrowed by an additional 5-10 percent in most grades
• In grades 3-8, CRA materials (including items, scoring guides and student work) will be posted in
September and January.
• In grades 3-8, the CRA design will be modified slightly to more closely mimic PARCC. Instead of
four items, the CRA will include three items and an additional fluency section assessing student speed
and accuracy with the fluency standards for their grade level.
• Use of calculators will be permitted on Constructed Response items but calculators will not be permitted on
the fluency section (otherwise, the calculator policy on the TCAP Achievement and EOCs will not change
in 2013-14).
Common Core State Standards
Grades 9-12:
• The End of Course (EOC) assessments for Algebra I and Algebra II will not change
for 2012-13.
• As part of our transition to Common Core, we will be narrowing the EOCs for 201314 - Algebra I (10 percent) and Algebra II (25 percent). Focus Clusters have been
identified for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.
• The 2013-14 administration of the Constructed Response Assessment (CRA) will
assess standards in the TNCore Focus Clusters so teachers can understand the
rigor and changes in instructional practice these new standards. There will be
two state administrations of the CRA in October and February.
• In high school, the CRA will have four CRA items and no fluency section.
• All CRA materials (including items, scoring guides and student work for both the
October and February administrations) will be released in September to allow for use
on block schedules and will be located at
Curricular resourcesinstructional tasks
can be found here
Username: Tneducation
Password: fastestimproving
Grade specific tasks
Curricular resourcesinstructional
can be found here
Example of the document
Look For’s in the Math Classroom
Math Curriculum 2013-2014
•The pacing guides which support the alignment of Common Core and its relation
to the upcoming PARCC assessments
•The curriculum instructional maps, including the domains, clusters, and standards
of Common Core
2013-2014 Pacing Guide
Instructional Maps
CCSS Standards
High Level
Time Allotment
Reminders . . . . . .
• Conceptual understanding vs. Procedures
• Use supporting links and documents from the Resources Toolbox
• Work on fluency daily
• Embed mathematical practices into lessons
• Use math manipulatives !
• Literature Links are a great way to incorporate literacy into math (K-8)
Marcia White [email protected]
Emily Barbee, Ed.D. [email protected] (HS)
Margie Bell, [email protected]
Andre Crafford, Ed.D. [email protected]
Camilla Horton, Ed.D. [email protected] (MS)

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