BIM Benefits: Logistics & Scheduling

Construction Project
Technology driven
answers for schedule and
budget savings
How to take
advantage of BIM
Peter Campot
President, Berry, a division of Suffolk
Kurt Rockstroh, AIA, ACHA
President/CEO, Steffian Bradley Architects
Stanley Hunter
Project Executive, Baystate Medical Center Hospital of the Future
Baystate Medical Center
• 638,000 SF clinical facility in Springfield, Massachusetts
• New cardiac and vascular center with inpatient beds
• Project is predominantly new construction with tie-ins to
existing buildings.
Baystate Medical Center
• 55% complete
• Completion date: October 1, 2011
Project Timeline
Master Plan design started by SBA
Owner/Architect meet and decide not to draw
in 3D because of the lack of robust MEP programs
DON Submitted/Berry is onboard
• Revisited 3D drawing concept and advantages of BIM
• Timing and scale of project was the perfect opportunity
to start 3D
Start of construction - ongoing
March 2009 model started
November 2009 model completed
Baystate video slide is here
How has the use of
BIM benefitted the
Baystate project?
BIM Benefits: Logistics & Scheduling
2D Logistics for Masonry
Elevation for Masonry
Foundations slide is here
BIM Benefits: Equipment Coordination
Side view of AHU
Door Conflict
BIM Benefits: Equipment Prefabrication
Piping assembly for AHU
BIM Benefits: Riser Prefab
80’ length pipe
Shop drawing
80’ length pipe
BIM Benefits: MEP Coordination
Hangars in place
BIM Benefits: Mock Up and User Coordination
Section of OR
Ceiling space before
equipment selected
BIM Benefits
Avoiding the Mad Rush
Owner’s Viewpoint
Coordination Phase
Clash Detection
Expedited hanger and core installation using GPS systems along with BIM
Increased off-site fabrication
Sped process to identify, communicate and resolve conflicts
Multiple trades coordinate simultaneously while checking conflicts between each other
CM’s engineer stronger role in coordination between trades
Early installation
Concurrent coordination by trades instead of sequential
Estimated time savings of 2-3 months in coordination
Pre-fabrication mechanical risers, PRV stations, HVAC and Plumbing mains, HW and
Steam piping configurations
Allowed “no-fly” zones for coordination to maintain space for:
Access points for maintenance
Equipment requirements in development, such as unistrut for booms and lifts
Items We Are Working On
BIM Integration with Operations & Maintenance programs
O&M Manual incorporated into BIM
Space management database
Preventative Maintenance program
Life Safety survey for JCAHO
Live as-builts incorporating submittals and as-builts into model as we go
Inclusion of site photos into BIM before closing walls
Provides in-wall details for future renovations & fit-outs
Standard Specification for future projects
Model ready for design process on next phases of fit-out
Facilitate communication between designers and CM team in pre-construction
Estimating, Options development and Scheduling
Increase sped, accuracy for cost estimates and take-offs
Quantify and model potential options and changes more accurately and quickly
Scheduling using BIM
Lessons Learned
– Compatibility
– Conversion and input of files between software used by design, CM and Owner
– Which software will become industry standard?
Major Fixed Clinical Equipment
– Import of BIM model of major fixed clinical equipment would expedite
coordination between equipment, structure and MEPs
– Generally this information is not currently available
– Varied level of use by design professionals and sub-contractors
Engaged Participants
– We have had several brainstorming sessions on the capabilities and goals people are engaged and willing to try ideas
Taking advantage
of 6D
Proposed 6D Solution
Revit Model that includes the following:
Architecturals that include all revisions
Structurals that include all revisions
MEP drawings that include all revisions
Curtainwall system including all u-values used for energy analysis
Room, door and finish schedules
Navisworks 3D Model
All major equipment tagged with the following data:
a) Submittals
b) O&M Manuals
c) Commissioning sheet for each piece of equipment
Proposed 6D Solution
3. Traditional 2D as-built drawings
4. Complete electronic record that includes all project correspondence
and communication including the following:
All submittals
All shop drawings
All warranties
All drawings
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