One of These Things Just Does Not Belong*

One of These Things
Just Does Not Belong…
By: Taylor Branick, Kailee Odell,
Caitlin LeMay and Kristen Kolsun
We are going to take well-known objects,
landmarks, and monuments and place them in
areas of the world in which they clearly do not
The Sphinx
For this image, we are putting the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt on a glacier in
Alaska. I cropped the sphinx out of its picture with the magnetic lasso and
copied the layer into the picture of Alaska. Then I used paint and contrast
adjustments to make it look like it fitted into the picture realistically.
Lion with Piñatas
In this image we will be putting a piñata in the African Sahara with a lion chasing it. I cropped the
background into the area that I wanted. Then I used the magnetic lasso tool and copied layers of
the pieces of the other images I wanted into the background. After, I free-transformed the
images into the positions they should be. I then used the paint tool to create shadows around
the images, and after I used the clone stamp to multiply the amount of candy around the piñata
and savannah grass around the area. I then changed the image size and sharpened the image.
Lochness in
the Pool
In order to create this image, I opened the background
image of a swimming pool and then adjusted the size so
that it was bigger overall. I then cropped the lochness
monster out of its own image with the magnetic lasso
and added it as a new layer to the background, and then
free transformed it to the right size. After this I used the
eraser with a low opacity so that I could blend in the
edges of the lochness monster to the water and make it
look more realistic. I did the same with the female
lifeguard. Then I adjusted the contrast, brightness,
saturation, and levels of the lifeguard and monster so
that they would blend into the rest of the picture. Finally
I added the speech bubble and text box.
In this image, we placed the pyramid
from the Louvre in between the
pyramids of Giza
To create this image, I started by
using the polygonal lasso tool to
select the image of the Louvre, and
then I dragged it in to the image of
the pyramids. Next, I altered the
shape of the Louvre using the free
transform tool. Then I changed the
brightness of the image. Finally, I
created a shadow by once again
using the polygonal lasso tool,
painting the new layer black, and
changing the opacity.
The Oreo in St. Peter’s Square
In this image, we put Villanova’s Oreo in St. Peter’s Square. To create the
image, I first used the magnetic lasso tool to isolate the Oreo. To make the
lines even better, I used the magic wand tool. Once I was satisfied with the
edges, I moved the Oreo into the picture of St. Peter's Square. The colors
looked off, so I changed the hue and saturation of Oreo so it better fit in with
the image of St. Peter's.
Elephant in the City
This image was produced through using various tools on Photoshop. I found two images that I
thought would be funny together. I needed to search for a city scene and for an elephant midstride to make the image more legitimate. I magnetically cut out the elephant from its
background and made it fit along with the people (free transform). Then I cleaned it up and
figured out where to place it.
The Statue of Liberty in
To create the image, used the crop tool and cropped the Statue
of Liberty at the base. Then I used the magic wand to create a
clear sky around the statue. I resized the image and copy and
pasted it over the image of the Washington Monument. Next, I
deleted the white background with the magic wand. Then I
mirrored the image of the original statue, rotated the image 180
degrees, cropped the base of the new image to fit with the water
reflection, and dragged the image into the monument picture. To
put it into place, I positioned it and then used free rotate.
Leaning Tower of Pisa
in the Desert
This image was produced through many
different tools in Photoshop. I used the eraser,
magnetic lasso, pattern stamp (creating my
own patter), clone stamp, and the text box.
Through previous labs I used my knowledge to
judge which tool would work for which task in
merging the two pictures.
Ice Scene
For this imaged, I first loaded the picture of Antarctica (which I did not edit). I used
the magic wand tool to separate the Stonehenge from the grass and the sky in the
picture (layer via cut). I had to use the clone stamp tool to recreate the missing parts
of the rocks. I also changed the opacity of the Stonehenge. I used the magic wand tool
for the balancing rocks. For the ship, I used the magnetic lasso. I made a copy of the
ship’s layer, lessened its opacity and changed its position to make the ship's reflection
in the water. I used the magnetic lasso for the Mount Rushmore image. I pasted all
these layers onto the Antarctica image and then used the free transform and move
The Desert Scene
For this image, I started with a picture of
the Sahara Desert, which I did not change.
I used the crop tool and the magnetic lasso
to edit the image of the Sydney Opera
House. I cropped the highway sign image,
but I had to use the clone stamp tool to
restore some of the color. Then, I placed
both images as individual layers on top of
the Sahara image and used the move tool
and the free transform tool to change their
positions. Finally, I used the text tool to
write the message in the bottom right
Ocean City
For this image, I used the crop tool and the magic wand to select the buildings of the skyline. I
made a "layer via copy" and placed the skyline onto the island image. I used the move tool
and the free transform tool to change its size and position. Next, I copied the same layer and
flipped the image and lessened the opacity to make its reflection on the water. I used the
same process for the taxi (i.e. using the magic wand tool to select the object that I wanted
from the image, layer via copy, free transform). I also flipped the taxi so that it was facing a
different direction. I also added the umbrella with this same procedure. I used the text tool to
add the text "the real ocean city..." in the corner of the image.
Eskimo On the Beach
This image is one of my favorites; it’s a
beach scene (I love the beach) with an
Eskimo man and his dogs sitting with him. It
looks very weird. I had to magnetic lasso
and resize the image and properly place it
so it looks more realistic. the way he is
sitting is hard to make it looks real. I also
cleaned the image up using the eraser.

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