Intro to Writing Activities

Activity Structure
Introduction to Writing Activities
If you have recently completed the Watersheds
Activity and have it with you, please get it out. If not,
please sit in a group with someone who does.
Types of Questions
• What are the three different units of
length used in the Model?
• What type of bacteria is found on this
• What is the charge on a sulfate anion?
• What is the area of a circle with a radius
of 3.5 cm?
• Which molecule in the list would you
predict to have the highest boiling point?
• Based on the examples given, propose a
definition for the term “sunk costs.”
• What is the mathematical relationship
represented by the data points on the
• What evidence do you have to support
your conclusion
Where would be the optimal location for a new water treatment plant?
How might scientists experimentally determine the mass of a proton?
Why are the questions in this activity ordered in the way they are?
What is the most efficient way to dissolve 10 grams of salt in a sample of water?
Based on the examples given here, develop a group consensus on definitions for each
of these types of questions. Each definition should be at most two sentences.
MetaActivity: Activity Structure II
As a group, complete ChemActivity 1: The Nuclear Atom.
As your group works through this activity, follow these
Manager: Allow a minute or so for the group examine
the Model. Then, with your group, complete the
questions (P–V).
Reader: Read each question out loud to help keep the
group together.
Please notify the facilitator when you have completed
the activity. (10 min)
MetaActivity: Activity Structure II
• Complete Models 1 and 2 of MetaActivity II.
• The Manager should facilitate the group discussion to
answer the questions and achieve consensus answers.
• After each question, the role of Reader should rotate
around the group.
(20 min)
Report Out on Mapping
• Does this activity follow the Learning Cycle?
• To what extent is there agreement about the
assignments of the types of questions (DCV)?
• To what extent is there agreement about the
assignments of the phases of the Learning
Cycle (EIA)?
• What, if any, relationship is there between the
phase of the Learning Cycle (EIA) and the type
of question used (DCV)?
Construct an Activity
You may assume that the students:
• Can correctly interpret Venn diagrams;
• Know what triangles, squares, and pentagons are.
Report Out

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