VMworld Barcelona 2012
Frank Brix Pedersen
System Engineer
– What we learned from San Francisco
– Week Highlights
– General Session
– Hands-on Labs
– Breakout Sessions
– Group Discussions
– Meet the Experts
– Must Sees
– After Dark
What we learned from San Francisco
– No more vRAM
– 5.1 released (vSphere, vCloud, View, SRM etc.)
– New features in 5.1 (replication, web client, vMotion w/o shared storage
– vCloud Suite
– New CEO Pat Gelsinger
– Monster VM is now at 64 vCPU, 1TB RAM, 1 millions iops
– DynamicOps
– Nicira
VMworld Conference Week Highlights
– Monday
– Hands On Labs 08.00 – 18.00
– Partner Day – 10.30 – 20.30
– Tuesday
– General Session 9.00 – 10.30
– Hands On Labs, Breakout Sessions, Solution Exchange 11.00 – 18.30
– Wednesday
– General Session, HOL, Breakout Sessions, Solution Exchange
– VMworld Party 20.00 – 24.00
– Thursday
– HOL, Breakout Sessions, Solution Exchange
Arrow ECS Week Highlight
– Saturday
– Arrow ECS Dinner
– Sunday sailing and barbecue
– Big Catamaran, BBQ, Jetskies
– Monday
– Arrow Nordic Cocktail Party with VIP speaker
– Tuesday
– Barcelona Night Out with VMware and Arrow ECS
– Wednesday
– VMworld Party
General Session
– This is where the conference officially starts
– Did you see the key note in San Francisco?
– Don’t expect a technical key note. Expect to see the direction of where
VMware is heading and the vision of the company
– Key word this year (and the coming) Software Defined Datacenter
Hands-on Labs
– 36 Hands-on Labs to choose from
– vSphere, vCloud, View, SRM, Zimbra, Orchestrator etc.
– You don’t need to book these in advance. Just join the line
Hands-on Labs
– HOL-PRT-04 - Deploy VMware vCloud Director with Cisco Nexus 1000V
– HOL-EUC-04 - Discover VMware Horizon Application Manager
– HOL-EUC-05 - Never Lose an Email, or a Sense of Security, with
VMware Zimbra
– HOL-INF-04 - Deliver Optimal Performance with VMware vSphere 5.1
Breakout Sessions
– 215 sessions to choose from
– Build you schedule before the conference. If you haven’t started do it
– You need to register to sessions to be sure to get in
– These will be recorded – so you can watch them online after the show
– Look at the technical level, do you want advanced or not?
TOP 10 Breakout Sessions from US
– BCO2382: VMware vSphere HA Recommendations to Maximize Virtual Machine
– NET2207: VMware vSphere Distributed Switch—Technical Deep Dive
– STO2980: vSphere 5 Storage Best Practices
– VSP1168: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure
– VSP1800: vSphere Performance Best Practices
– VSP2825: DRS: Advanced Concepts, Best Practices and Future Directions
– VSP1683: VMware vSphere Cluster Resource Pools Best Practices
– STO1430: Tracking Down Storage Performance Issues: A Customer’s
– EUC1305: What's New and What's Next for VMware View
– VSP1232: Avoiding the 19 Biggest HA & DRS Configuration Mistakes - 2012
TOP 10 Breakout Sessions from US
– Register for the sessions now
– OR watch them on youtube before the conference
Group Discussions and Meet the Experts
– This is the good stuff!!
– This is where you can interact, provide feedback and be part of the show
– Group Discussion is in smaller rooms with approximately 30 participants
– Meet The Experts – book them at the conference. Who do you want to
talk to, what subject. 1on1 talks.
Group Discussions and Meet the Experts
– Group Dicussions with people like
– Chris Colotti vCloud
– Frank Denneman DRS/Resource Management
– Duncan Epping
– Peter Bjork Vmware View
– And a lot other extremely knowledgeable guys
– Meet the Experts
– Meet them 1on1 for a talk about whatever you feel like
Solution Exchange
– Talk to software and hardware vendors
– Discover software solutions before they are mainstream
– Take a look at Cloud Physics (new startup by former VMware employee
Irfan who was lead programmer behind vscsistats, storage IO control
and storage DRS)
– Make sure you win that iPad 
– Get all of the cool shirts and gadgets
Must sees “The Classics”
– INF-VSP1423, esxtop for Advanced Users (Krishna Raj Raja)
– INF-VSP1729 - Understanding Virtualized Memory Performance
Management (Kit Colbert)
Must sees “The New Stuff”
– INF-BCO1436 – vSphere Replication Enhancements & Best Practices
– INF-NET3457 – Nicira and the Future of Software Defined Networking
– EUC1526 – VMware Horizon: Upcoming Attractions and Roadmap
– INF-STO2143 - Software-Defined Storage - VMware's Storage Vision &
– INF-NET2162 - VXLAN Deep Dive
– Learn more about vCloud - have you upgraded your Enterprise Plus
licenses to vCloud Suite?
Must sees “Virtualizing business applications”
– APP-BCA1530 - Virtualizing Highly Available SQL Servers
– APP-BCA1516 - Virtualizing SQL 2012 : Doing It Right
– APP-BCA1373 - Virtualizing Active Directory Best Practices
– APP-BCA1333 - Virtualizing Oracle RAC
– APP-BCA1213 - Virtualizing SAP from Big Iron onto x86 at Jo-Ann Fabric
and Craft Stores
TIPS (1)
– If you want to interact
– Group Discussions
– Meet the Experts
– Build you Schedule NOW
– You will need to pre-register for sessions to make sure you get in
– Make time available for solution exchange
– Remember you can watch the sessions online after the conference. You
can also watch the one you missed because of full rooms or you had too
much to drink at the VMworld party 
TIPS (2)
– Bring a shirt – Air Condition alert
– Bring a bag for all of the stuff you pick up in the solution exchange
– You get a bag when you go to registration.
– Bring your phone or tablet – need it to check you schedule and evaluate
– Get Certified 50% discount on Examinations
– Use twitter with hashtag #vmugdk – this way we can keep in touch and
share experiences
TIPS (3)
See you in Barcelona

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