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Optical and Electronic “stuff ”
Last Updated 6/14/13
College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona
NOTE: Mention of a particular product or company does not indicate any type of
endorsement by the College of Optical Sciences and/or the University of Arizona.
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Surplus Shed – www.surplusshed.com
• Color CMOS Camera ($5, f.l.=4.8mm, 352x288 pixels)
• Color Filter Wheel ($29, high-quality RGB filters)
• Educational Set of 50mm Lenses ($13, 6 glass lenses, DCX, PCX, DCC, PCC)
• Educational Set of 50mm Mirrors ($12, 6 glass mirrors, 3 concave, 3 convex)
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Surplus Shed – www.surplusshed.com
• Refracting Telescope Kit ($9, fobj=220mm dia. 52mm, feye=20mm, MP=11)
• Doublet 10X Folding Magnifier ($1.25, 16mm dia. 10X)
• “Xerox” Copy Lens ($8, 45mm dia., 200mm f.l.)
Eyepieces, Microscope Objectives…….. TONS
OF OPTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Anchor Optics – www.anchoroptics.com
• Safe-Glo ($19, 2′ W x2′ L)
• Lens Grab Bag ($7.95, 20 lenses, PCX, DCX, etc.)
• Half Lenses ($4.50 PCX, $7.00 DCX)
• Plastic Lenses ($5.00 DCX, 150mm f.l., packs of 10)
• Demonstration Lens Set ($7.50, $11, $18, same dia./different f.l., same f.l./different dia.)
• Prism Grab Bag ($19.95, 10 prisms)
• Student Optical Bench ($14.94, parts to make an optical bench from a meter stick)
• Economy Optics Kit ($24.95, entire collection to demonstrate imaging and color)
• Plastic Optical Fiber ($0.75/ft., 1mm dia. core)
United Nuclear Scientific Equipment & Supplies -- www.unitednuclear.com
• Acrylic Optics Set (new $35)
• Magnifying Viewer (HUGE, for bugs!! $5)
• Mirror Set ($15, 6 spherical mirrors, 3 concave, 3 convex)
• UltraGlow Paint ($14, glow-in-the-dark paint)
Sky Scientific – www.skyscientific.com
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Optical “Toys”:
Edmund Scientifics – www.scientificsonline.com
American Science & Surplus – www.sciplus.com
• Ground Glass ($1.00 pkg(6), 2”x2”x1/32”)
Ground Glass ($1.50 pkg(3), 3-1/2”x4-3/8”x1/16”)
• Plastic Magnifier ($1.50 pkg(2), 2X lens and a 6X lens)
• Negative Lens Assortment ($5.50 pkg(20), -30mm to -169mm, various diameters)
• Red, Green and Blue Light Demonstrator ($57.95 RGB LED’s with brightness controls)
“The Mirage” ($34.95, 9” dia.)
“Mirascope” ($7.95, 6” dia. version of The Mirage)
“Disappearing Coins Bank” ($5.50, uses a two-way mirror, relatively easy to explain)
“Shrinking Coin Bank” ($6.95, makes coins shrink! as they fall into the bank; difficult to explain)
“Disappearing Beaker” ($9.95, demonstrates refractive index matching using (safe) cooking oil)
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Edmund Optics – www.edmundoptics.com
• Dichroic Filter Set ($116, Red, Green, Blue, 50mm dia.)
• Dichroic Filter Set ($116, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, 50mm dia.)
Optics Planet – www.opticsplanet.net
• RGBW LED Flashlight ($26.89, Red, Green, Blue, and White LED Galaxy Flashlight)
• Inova Microlight LED ($6.39 R,G,B $7.99 UV)
Walmart – www.walmart.com
• RGBW LED Flashlight ($21.87, Red, Green, Blue, and White LED Galaxy Flashlight)
Rainbow Symphony – www.rainbowsymphony.com
• Anaglyph 3D Glasses ($0.40, bulk discounts)
• Diffraction Grating Glasses ($0.45, bulk discounts)
NOTE: Buy the “single axis” Diffraction Grating Glasses, NOT the “double axis” ones.
The “double axis” version produces spectra in both the x- and y-directions, making
it very hard to interpret.
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Electronic Goldmine – www.goldmine-elec-products.com
Chaney Electronics -- www.chaneyelectronics.com
MPJA Online – www.mpja.com
All Electronics – www.allelectronics.com
Jameco Electronics – www.jameco.com
Digikey – www.digikey.com
SurplusGizmos.com – www.surplusgizmos.com
Dr. Mike Nofziger
“LED Box”:
Model #
400 Tie-Points Solderless Breadboard
USB A to B Cable
USB Hub 4-port, not powered
USB Hub 7-port, AC powered
Plastic Box
Plastic Box
LED- RGB Color-changing
Various LED’s…….
Dr. Mike Nofziger
Solar Cells:
Edmund Scientifics – www.scientificsonline.com
• Low Cost-High Output Encapsulated
(0.45V, 100mA-1000mA
American Science & Surplus – www.sciplus.com
• Solar Panels
Electronic Goldmine – www.goldmine-elec.com
Harbor Freight – www.harborfreight.com
• Solar Light Set
(10 Solar Cell charged LED lights
Dr. Mike Nofziger

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