year end cut-off dates

Administrative Forum
Year End Planning
John Ives
Disbursements Manager
April 17, 2014
• Disbursements staff
• Year end reminders
• Receipt required procedures
• Invoice submission
• Disbursement cutoff dates
• Questions
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Supervisor – Jerri Painter
Administrative Support Specialists:
Deb Westley -
Manages vendor direct deposit, ImageNow
Melanie Sischo - Manages vendors A-C
Debbie Killian -
Manages vendors D-K
Sherry Callaway - Manages vendors L-Q
Carolyn Thomas - Manages vendors R-Z
Lucy Mullens -
Manages Capital Payments, Bookstore, Library,
UPS, Interdepartmental Invoices, Telecom,
Receiving & Stores, and Chartwells
Travel & Complex Payments
• Travel & Complex Payments Supervisor – Julie Hughes
• Administrative Support Specialists:
Wendy Haigler -Manages vendor setup, travel advances
Jane Hawes -
Manages vendors A-E
Sandra Melton - Manages vendors F-L
Chris Maynard - Manages vendors M-R
Cathy Galleno - Manages vendors S-Z
Purchasing Card
Staff and Information
• Purchasing Card Administrator – Annette Heller
• Email general questions
 [email protected]
• Purchasing card payments
 Charges posted in the Bank of America Works system
 Must be posted by designated cutoff date
Year End Reminders
Contact Information
• Accounts Payable invoices
 Email invoices to [email protected]
 General questions [email protected]
• Travel & Complex Payments
 General questions [email protected]
• Vendor Setup
 Vendor Information Form fax 704-687-1450
Year-End Reminders
Purchase Order Payments
• 49er Mart requires a three way match in order for
payments to be made:
 Purchase Order
 Confirmed receipt
 Vendor invoice
• Completion of purchase orders after designated cutoff
dates will be applied against next year’s budget
Year-End Reminders
Receipt of Goods
• All goods and services should be received the day
they are delivered to the individual department
• Requestors receive an automated email when
receiving is required
• 49er Mart receiving instructions
 Posted in Moodle
• Items must be fully received before the designated
cutoff dates in order to be paid
Year-End Reminders
Payment Exceptions
• A payment exception is a payment made after the
designated cutoff date
• Payment exceptions may be reduced by:
 Proper planning
 Accurate delivery of items
 Timely receipt
 Correct submission of invoices
Disbursement Cutoff Dates
• Cutoff dates are assigned for the following categories:
 Interdepartmental Expenses
 Direct Pay Requests
 Purchase Order Payments
 Travel Prepayments and Reimbursements
 Purchasing Card Charges
 Journal Entries
• Current fiscal year cutoff dates are posted on the
Financial Services website at

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