Niels bohr

Niels Bohr
Deep Sandhu & Terry Johal
April 26
 Niels
Henrik David Bohr
 7 October 1885 – 18 November 1962
 Born and died in Copenhagen, Denmark
 University of Copenhagen, University of
Cambridge, University of Manchester
 Nobel prize in 1922 for physics
Experiment and area of study
 Used
majority of his effort researching the
structure of the atom
 Studied physics
 Experimented with his professor Ernest
The Bohr model
 Niels
Bohr created The Bohr model as an
adaption from an earlier model created
by Ernest Rutherford
 The Bohr Model is a model in which the
negatively-charged electrons orbit a
positively-charged nucleus
 Electrons orbit the nucleus in cycles that
have a set size and energy
Major contributions
 Created
model of atoms including
electrons and nucleus
 Contributed to the Manhattan project
 Expanded on Rutherford's idea that
electrons orbit the nucleus

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