The Valley of Babylon - Reliance Solar Energy

The Valley of Babylon
Under Mission Solar
Reliance Solar Energy™, Ratnagiri
Drawbacks of Conventional RCC Housing
• Excessive Energy Consumption
• Development of Cracks & Seepage
• Excessive Water Usage
• Bio-Waste Disposal Problems
• Contributes to Global Warming
Excessive Energy Consumption
• Energy consumption by conventional residential housing has a very
significant part of share in total energy consumption in India
• India is already lacking to meet the demand
• Frequent power cuts are observed
• Voltage fluctuations are present beyond tolerance band
• Poor power quality; effects efficiency as well as life of electronics
Seepage, Cracks and Other Issues
• Usually, technically wrong designs are employed
• 50 ton structure is build on a 5 ton base, this reduces its
life significantly
• Seepage and developing cracks are common phenomenon in
RCC constructions; it reduces the life drastically
• Excavating stones, stealing sand from banks cause a very
bad impact on environment
Excessive Water Usage
• There is an abundant and careless usage of water
• This causes scarcity of water in many regions
• Water is a very valuable resource and must be conserved
Bio-Waste Disposal
• Daily household waste are
disposed recklessly in open fields
• This causes complete extinction
of some species in those fields
• It causes various health problem
to humans in nearby areas
• It destroys the environment
Global Warming
• It has been studied that 40% of
emissions are from real-estates
• Energy consumption, waste disposal
ultimately contribute to climate
change & global warming
• It is an serious issue and it must be
Introduction to Babylon
• "The Valley of Babylon" is not Bungalow scheme, authentically it
is elemental life style revealed to Mankind by Mother Nature.
• It is under Mission Solar, Reliance Solar Energy, Ratnagiri
• It is the best solution to existing drawbacks in housing sector
• We must make our ambiance nature friendly and caring of our
planet earth.
Actual Villa
Floor Plan
Benefits over conventional RCC Housing
• Zero energy consumption from grid
• Very beautiful European construction
• Self water generation plant
• Waste treating on site
• Completely eco-friendly
Zero Energy Consumption
• Each house will be certified as 5 star
rating of GRIHA of central government
• Completely electrified on Solar Energy
• There would be no need of MSEB supply
European Construction
• The life of your home is increased to 80 years plus
• Your home will be of 9 scale earth quick resistance
• Your home will have zero seepage of water
• Your home will never need any maintenance cost such
as painting, termite protections, repairing
• Your home will protect you in storm going 150km/hr
Atmospheric Water Generation
• It is a device that extracts water from humid ambient air
• Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below
its dew point
• Water is treated and made drinkable
Bio-Waste Treatment
• Biogas is generated from this plant
which can be used, replacing LPG
• Liquid fertilizer is also produced
• The remaining processed water can
be used for gardening purpose.
100% Eco-Friendly
• Since the entire house is
electrified using Solar Energy,
we ultimately reduce CO2
• Bio-Waste is treated adequately
• No RCC construction employed
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