ICSE - Beachwood School

ICSE Board VS other Boards
A Scientific Comparison
Genesis: Reflects the focus on English Language
Started as Overseas Cambridge school
Certificate Examination (English) before
Independence By British Government
based in UK
Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad, Minister of
Education, Govt. of India initiated
Indianisation of the examination in 1952
Indian Council to administer the
University of Cambridge, Local
Examinations Syndicate's Examination in
India in 1956
Council for Indian School Certificate
Examination (CISCE) is formed in 1958 to
conducted English only examinations
CBSE started as Uttar Pradesh Board
of High School & Intermediate
Education in 1921 in Hindi Belt
In 1929, it was renamed as Board of
High School & Intermediate Education
It was renamed as Central Board of
Secondary Education (CBSE) in 1952
for primarily Hindi & English later
Other regional boards TN Board
(1910), WB Board (1951), Andhra
Board(1953), Maharashtra
Board(1965), Haryana Board(1969)
came to meet rising aspirations of
regional languages
Location: Reflects the Exclusivity
Large numbers are located in urban and
industrial centres based on the people’s
aspirations for quality education
Large numbers are located in semiurban and rural hinterland as
government’s initiative to promote
education among masses
Less than 2000 schools
More than 2,00,000 schools
Maximum English medium schools in
metropolis such as Bangalore, Hyderabad
Kolkata, Lucknow and Mumbai are ICSE
English medium schools with regional
bias in metropolises such as
Delhi(Hindi) and Chennai(Tamil) are
‘others’ affiliated
States with high industrial complexes
such as Jharkhand, Orissa and Punjab
have high number of ICSE schools
Bulk of semi-urban and urban Hindi
heartland is affiliated to CBSE other
than regional state boards
Curriculum: Reflects Modernity & Global Aspirations
Strong foundation in English,
Mathematics & Sciences
Strong foundation in Hindi and Regional
Languages other than Mathematics &
Sciences – schooling for masses
Many choices in secondary (Class X) and
senior secondary examinations (Class XII)
Few choices in both classes X & XII
High value options such as Computer
Applications, Engineering Graphics,
Biotechnology & Fashion Designing give
a head start to students in their career
Foreign language options such as French,
German, Thai, Chinese etc. lend a global
Wide international recognition early on
Introduction of Career related courses is
a recent phenomenon and that too in
class XI & XII
Foreign language options such as
French, German, Thai, Chinese etc have
been recent
International recognition for admissions
to foreign schools / colleges in UK only
last year
Examination: Prepares the Horse for the Race
In-depth Class X examination is
compulsory to initiate competitiveness
at an early date
High emphasis on English throughout
and rigorous examinations
Good grounding in Science &
Mathematics in class X
Students learn to compete early in life
– makes a solid foundation for the life
Prepares for foreign examinations such
as SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, CAT etc. other than
regular Engg. & Medical Competitions
Class X examination is not
compulsory in CBSE & standards are
varying in regional boards
Low emphasis on English and
relatively easy examinations
Very few chapters are there for
science & mathematics for class X
Students join competitive life late
and therefore less prepared
Prepares well for Engineering and
Medical competitions only
Schools: Best of the breed trains the best students
Top class schools like Doon School,
Dehradun, St. Paul’s, Darjeeling, Mayo
College, Ajmer, La Martiniere, Kolkata &
Rishi Valley, Chittor & many more are all
ICSE schools
DAV and DPS represent large CBSE chain
schools other than Government initiated
Kendriya Vidyalayas, Jawahar Navodaya
Vidyalayas and recent model schools
ICSE is the first preference for corporates
venturing into schools ex. Dhirubhai
Ambani International School, Mumbai;
Sarla Birla, Bangalore; Ramadevi Public
School, Hyderabad, Modern High,
CBSE is the first preference for Army,
Airforce and Navy as all Army Schools,
Airforce Schools are affiliated to CBSE
Most of the dedicated missionary schools
are affiliated to ICSE
CBSE & State Boards have a mix of
urban, semi-urban and rural mass
ICSE has urban niche footprint
Most of the state government schools
are affiliated to state boards

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