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What might your VRR look like?
Meet Joe Chapter-Member, a member of Chapter #2 and resident of San
Diego. He wants to help his fellow veterans by participating in VRR as a Rally
Captain. As Rally Captain, Joe will be responsible for motivating and
overseeing his team.
Joe recruits fellow chapter members and Auxiliary Unit #2 members to
become members of his VRR team. He meets with them and they discuss
what roles they will play on the Volunteer Recruitment Rally team.
A time is chosen for the Volunteer Recruitment Rally. The chosen dates are at
least six weeks away.
Joe and his team members meet to map out their VRR. They brainstorm over
the following items and develop a game plan.
California’s Volunteer
Who should be contacted?
Area DAV Chapters
Area DAVA Units
DAV Department Service Officers
DAV Transportation Coordinators
Hospital VAVS Directors
Legislators/Political Leaders
Media Contacts
Local High Schools
VA Contacts
After Joe and his team map out possible locations and plan out the
details with their contacts, they decide what materials they will need.
They consider the venues at which they have
scheduled recruitment events, and plan
accordingly. For instance, they order plenty of
Jesse Brown Youth Memorial info for the high
schools. For all of their event venues, they
request lots of general information on DAV as
well as all the volunteer programs.
Joe makes sure to request some Round To-Its
(pictured above) as well. These will be given
to those who sign up to volunteer at the rally as
a little reminder to stay committed to helping
the veterans in their community.
Make sure to let Department know what you need six weeks in advance.
During and After your VRR
During: Joe keeps Department in the loop so that Department’s website and
social networks can help promote his teams events. His team sends lots of
pictures and updates.
Initial Interaction
Full-Fledged Volunteer
Joe’s team does a great job of following up with individuals who signed up to volunteer.
By working alongside them through the initial process, they ensure that the veterans in
San Diego now have several more community members there to lend a helping hand.
VRR (Volunteer Recruitment Rally) Checklist
Get inspired to reach out to potential volunteers in your community
Become or find a Rally Captain
Get acquainted with DAV’s volunteer programs
Hospital Volunteerism
Jesse Brown Memorial Youth Scholarship Program
Assemble your Rally Team. Make sure to recruit area DAV chapter and DAVA unit members.
Establish a point of contact with a VA Volunteer Coordinator, and work with them throughout the process.
Hold a VRR team meeting. Brainstorm and develop a plan concerning the following:
When- Choose approximately a two week period in which to hold this community initiative. (Note: choose a start date
of at least six weeks away in order to provide Dept. Headquarters ample time to obtain materials)
Who- Who in your community could join your team or provide publicity for your VRR? (Examples: DSOs, Transportation
Coordinators, local celebrities, community figures, political leaders)
Where- Where will you hold events? (Examples: stores, libraries, high schools, VA Hospitals)
What- What materials will you need?
Volunteer Brochures?
VRR Tablecloth?
Membership Info?
Informational Brochures?
Membership Applications?
Round To-Its (To be given to those who sign-up to volunteer)?
Contact Department Headquarters six weeks prior to event to notify of them of your VRR and order materials. (Note:
Department will contact local media and send letters to the community)
Hold your VRR!
Keep Department in the know throughout your VRR, send pictures and updates, and let them know what is coming up so they
can advertise online.
Follow up with all potential volunteers, and work with them throughout the orientation process.
Save the Date!
Sunday, November 9, 2014
San Diego, CA

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