Sepsis Care at NRGH ED

Sepsis Care at NRGH ED
April 23, 2014
Presentation to the BC Sepsis Network
Sepsis Working Group
Membership Includes
• Director
• Manager
• Physicians
• Lab Leadership
• Unit Clerks
• Frontline RN’s
• CNE’s
Ad Hoc Members
• Pharmacy
• Infection Control
• Infectious Disease
• Respiratory
• Antibiotic Stewardship
• Quality Control
Screeners and Order Sets
The Screening Tool
and Worksheet is
brought together
with the Initial
Management clinical
order set.
NRGH ED Sepsis
Survey Monkey Results
34 Respondents
May/June 2013
Are you aware of the following best practice early
interventions in Sepsis care in the ED?
What barriers do you encounter in meeting targets for
early sepsis interventions?
Online Learning Module
150 Lives in 150 Days
Sepsis Drug Box
Chipping away at the 8%
mortality increase per
hour delay!
Critical Care Med Vol. 34, No.6
Sepsis Drills and Working Group
Data Collection
Time to Blood Cultures Drawn
Time from Patient Arrival
to Lactate Report Time
Time to Antibiotics
Future State EHR
Next generation EHR will
have full sepsis care
• SIRS and risk factors
• Real time data mining
• Auto launch to advisory
and COS
• List and status of sepsis
Moving Forward
We will continue to work on striving to proving
excellence in Sepsis care.
We thank the BC Sepsis Network for their
ongoing support and for the invitation to share
our work.
We thank our colleagues and working groups for
their dedication and hard work.
Sepsis Care at NRGH ED

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