Midshipman Counseling
July 30, 2013
LT Craig Famoso, RPI
Capt. Drew Ramey, Rutgers
LT Teeter, Boston University
ROD requirements
Discussion Items
Best practices
– Pitfalls
– Tricks
5. Take-away
6. Q&A
(NSTC M-1533.2)
What to know before we begin
• Everyone counsels differently
– Advisors and ROTC units
• Counseling must be tailored to individual
– 4/C v. 1/C
– Navy v. Marine
– Motivator v. bottom feeder
• Documentation
– Similar but slightly different across units
– It will save you
ROD Requirements
(the minimum)
ROD Requirements
• “the primary job of instructors is to mentor
students…[including] counseling on academic,
personal, and professional standards.” (4-3)
• “Instructors shall:
– (c) Provide formal, scheduled counseling and
advising to NROTC students at a minimum of twice
per academic term.” (4-4)
– (d) Make themselves readily available to students
during the normal working day.
5 Objectives
1. Identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses.
2. Address specific performance problems,
concentrating on ways to develop growth…but
do not dwell on the negatives.
3. Evaluate previous goals, and establish new goals
for each semester.
4. Ensure clear understanding of performance and
acknowledge areas for improvement.
5. Review what is expected before the next
counseling session, and program expectations.
1. Shall be documented using a Fitness Report
and Counseling Record, NAVPERS 1610/2
2. The student and advisor shall sign the
counseling form.
3. The student shall receive a copy and the
original shall be placed in the student
performance file.
Admin Requirements
Record review
OPMIS Datasheet
Degree Completion Plan
Semester Schedule and goals
Discussion Items
Professional Discussion
• Plan, goals & performance
– Academics
• DCP, study abroad, summer school
– Swim & sail qualifications
• Leadership development
– Time management, study habits, organization
– Unit/community involvement
– NROTC Billets
– Summer cruise
Professional Discussion
• Service Assignment
– Goals, requirements & timeline
– ASTB, PRK/LASIK, Commissioning Physicals, Nuc
• Scholarship (for College Programmers)
• LREC Requirements
• Tier changes
• Summer school
Personal Discussion
• Finances
– Employment
• Living arrangement
• Athletics and organizations
• Concerns
– Personal and family
– Health
• Sleep
• Nutrition & fitness
• Mental health
Smart to reiterate
• Your expectations
– “Personal ownership”
• NROTC requirements & standards
– GPA, PFA, Calc/Physics, swim, sail
• Service above self
• Navy alcohol (and drug) policy
• General safety
Extra counseling?
• Anything on the path to disenrollment
– Warning, Probation, LOA, Disenrollment
• Academics, PFA,
• Honor Violations, Disciplinary problems, disrespect,
• Unpreparedness for commissioning
Best Practices, Pitfalls, Ticks
Best Practices
• Students arrive with paperwork
– Biography
– Brag sheet
– Personal assessment
– Degree Completion Plan
– Semester academic goals
• Personal preparation
– Review past paperwork
– Prepare record
Best Practices
Best Practices
• Record everything
– Signatures
• Confidentiality
• Open-Door
• Enforce Navy protocol
– Request to enter and exit
– Student tone and posture
• Voice dictation system
• Record conversation
• Type as student speaks
Leave you with three
1. Be prepared
2. Focus on requirements
3. Follow-up

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