Greener jobs

ETUC Conference October 1st 2013:
Anticipating the Transition: Engaging Young Workers Today to
Reach 2050 Goals
«Greener jobs»
Gunn Kristoffersen and Goran Scekic
YS – The Confederation of Vocational Unions in Norway
“Green economy in Norway: What is it and how to get there?”
Project owners: YS and WWF-Norway
Reference group: YS, WWF and GRID-Arendal
(UNEP) + internal reference group.
Financed by: YS and the Norwegian Ministry of
The objective:
Clarify the terminology related to green
Assess the status of green economy in
Develop a model that enables systematic
effort for a more green economy
For Yrkesorganisasjonenes Sentralforbund
og WWF-Norge
Kilde: Econ Pöyry rapport 2011-062.
Green economy and green industry
Green industry =
industries whose primary aim is to contribute
- more efficient use of scarce natural
- reduced emissions
- better treatment/cleaning
- In industrialized countries 3-4 % of their GDP
Are jobs in green industries green jobs?
Are growth in green industries green growth?
a simplified model on green value creation
input / prosess / output
A green workplace is a workplace where there is a focus on effective creation of
values within an ecologically sustainable framework, by focusing on the collection of
sustainably harvested / produced resources, a resource efficient and environmentally
friendly production process and the product and waste from the production process
should be as re-useable as possible.
A dynamic tool
• All industry and institutions can be
more or less resource intensive and
• Development in the green direction
can be systematically promoted by
measuring and improving the status
of a number of key parameters
related to the creation of values
The health sector in Norway
A preliminary test of our Green economy tool
Green economy is no one size fits all-package:
Green economy is all about how to implement a range of green principles at all
levels, from policy frameworks to practices in the different sectors, in
companies and institutions - according to (their) unique opportunities, abilities
and creativeness
Green economy is a creative response to the resource and environmental
challenges we are facing. Norway has a highly educated population and a
participatory work culture. Focus on a green creation of wealth/values will often
promote engagement and involvement at the workplace with positive effects on
innovation and the creation of values.
The way forward: «Greener jobs»
We know a lot about what is needed, but less about how we do it in practice
How green is your industry/ company/ organisation? And how can you make it
The "Greener jobs programme” is:
• An introduction for shop stewards and key resource persons in the green economy
• A joint study of how green your industry, enterprise or organisation actually is (by using
our model)
• Investigate the potentials of how to make your workplace greener
• Joint preparation of a first "Greener Workplace manual" for your industry or organisation
Participation in this project provides:
• Training and skills development for participants
• A clear environmental profile and visibility to other associations and partners
• A tool to stimulate motivation and commitment within your industry or organisation
The way forward: «Greener jobs»
Where are we?
We are facing challenges – But there is a light at the end of the tunnell
This is something new
An additional task – is it our responsibility?
What do we do?
Searching for canditates with a real interest
At top union level: signing agreements with the employers
Starting up with two pilot projects to show what this could be
How can we include young people in this project?
The role of the youth.
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”
Advantages for youth engagement:
• Broad participation and involvement
• Better understanding of the climate- and environmental challenges?
• Innovative and creative
• See possibilities, not challenges
• Determination and energy
Challenges for youth participation:
• TIME !!
• Promotions 
How important are climate changes to young people?
The project on greener jobs will focus on how to make existing jobs greener
rather than creating new jobs.
Greener jobs = more sustainable companies ? More jobs?
Will the greening of jobs result in new innovation? New jobs?
Why aren’t we doing this already
Thank you!

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