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Introduction to Discover Dominica
Authority (DDA)
Role of DDA
- Marketing
- Product Development
Benefits Available
Introduction to Discover Dominica
Authority (DDA)
• Discover Dominica Authority Act, 2007
• Managed by a Board of Directors
Mission Statement
To increase stay-over visitors to the country, thereby
increasing revenue to the Commonwealth of Dominica
by strategically positioning and marketing Dominica
as a premier adventure and responsible tourism
destination in tandem with ensuring quality,
environmental and cultural sustainability.
Main Goals
• Increase visitors
• Increase visitors
• Combination of the
Role of DDA
Tourism Pillars
Culture (Creole heritage,
national and community
festivals, Kalinago)
• Marketing
• Product Development
- Quality Assurance Unit
- Cruise
- Other Sector Development(yachting,
community,education tourism, Kalinago,
Waitukubuli National Trail. Among others).
Primary Markets
• France & the French West Indies
• North America
• English Caribbean
• United Kingdom
• Germany & Scandinavia (Austria,
Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden)
Trade and Consumer Shows
– Held in all primary
markets each year.
Examples include:
– WTM (UK)
– ITB (Germany)
– Re-Discover
– Salon de Plongee
– Private sector is
always encouraged to
attend in order to
promote their
Research & Statistics Unit
DDA forged strong partnerships with the
Dominica Statistical office, Dominica Air and
Sea Ports Authority, Customs & Excise
Division, Immigration Department and private
sector stakeholders to advance the gathering of
data and analysis of visitor and other tourism
sector information.
Guides the overall tourism product through the
Tourism, Policy & Master Plan
– Quality Assurance Unit
– Certification/License based on tourism
standards developed under the Tourism
Standards and
Regulations) Act 2005
• Why is certification important?
- Assurance to visitors – safeguard business
and the visitor.
- Liability
- Good quality which will lead to returning
• Certification Process
- Visit the office – for information on
standards and the certification process.
- Standards available on DDA
- Training through the Dominica State
Tourism Standards- Leaders in
the Region
Food & Beverage Preparation
Travel Agencies
Tour Guides
Tour Operators
Vending Craft and Merchandise
Accommodation Facilities
Rented Vehicles
Tourism Taxi Services
Water Sports
Tourism Standards- Leaders in
the Region Cont’d
• Hair Braiding
• Guidelines on Home Stays for Major Events
• DRAFT Guidelines on Home Stays for the
Kalinago Territory
• DRAFT Guidelines on Home Stays for the
Waitukubuli national Trail
• DRAFT Sites and Attractions
• DRAFT Camp grounds
Cruise Industry
• Schedule of ships – private companies (tour
operators & ship agent)
• Engage/encourage ship to visit Dominica.
Who Sells Tours to Ships?
• Tour Operators, not DDA – need insurance
e.g. $250,000- 1million.
National Tourism Site Audit &
Enhancement Programme
• Increase tourism attractions/diversify
product offering
• Enhance product
• Create linkage between tour operators &
community projects carriers. This is critical
for tour operators and community
partnership and other tourism service
providers particularly the accommodation
DDA Sector Programme
• Education Tourism
• Home Stay for the Waitukubuli National
• Home Stay for the Kalinago
• Kalinago Territory
• Dive
Legislation & Enforcement &
• Tourism standards – plan to review – spearheaded by the
• Provide input in regional tourism, programme …
• DDA placed a freeze on tourism certificate for taxi
operators (351) and now vendors (232) in Roseau – due to
limitation of space.
• Dominica Watersports Association Guidelines
Education, Awareness & Training
• OAS, SFA, WNT, Forestry, Community
lectures, events of various programme.
• Dominica State College.
• Plans for a more comprehensive approach
for tour guides for with tiered levels (e.g.
tour guide training: merging & revising
training programmes to fill in gaps with
various stakeholders).
Benefits Available
• Brand awareness through co-op advertising,
fam/press trips etc.
• Additional marketing avenues beyond what you
• Securing your business through certification
• Enhanced partnerships--- leads to increase
business opportunities
• Employment opportunities both directly and
Lack of Communities Operating as a Business
• Management plans needed – who, when,
what, how, budget….?
• Risk Management needs to be included in
such plans.
• Review your plans to continually improve.
• Partnership and ownership
Lack of Communities Operating as a Business
• Thinking outside the box- too many people invloved in one
sector leads to market surplus.
• Use of traditional knowledge– this is valuable and should
not be left out.
• Safety and Security– protect your investment – insurance;
loans; visitors.
• Outside influence- coups in other countries; disasters
(natural e.g landslide;hurricane,earthquake, technological
e.g plane crash and biological e.g health epidemic);among
Be proactive
Use resources available
Tourism is a business, so treat it as such.
You have the power in your hands it’s about how
you conduct business to embrace opportunities
and challenges at the community, national, subregional, regional and international levels
Contact : Discover Dominica Authority
1st Floor Financial Center
Kennedy Avenue, Roseau
Tel: 448 2045/ 255 8221
Fax: 448 5840
Email: [email protected]
Thank You!!!

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