Incomplete Contracts

In PeopleSoft
Currently, incomplete contracts are handled
through submission of paperwork, an
agreement between the instructor and
CMS (Chancellor’s Office) has delivered
optional functionality for campuses to
automate this process thru the CSU Class and
Grade Rosters (for faculty) and in Student Self
Service “View My Grades”.
1) Contract must be created and signed by the
2) Contract must be created but the student’s
signature not required
3) Grade roster approval is OK without the
existence of a contract or student signature
(this route is recommended for our first
Incomplete Reasons
Once a student has agreed to the terms of the
contract, the contract can no longer be updated.
Reasons previously
defined in Decision
number two.
Current practice -default grade is “F”
or “NC”.
Current default is 1 year. Must
be end of term to process
incompletes during grade
Once the student accepts the conditions of the contract, the contract can be viewed through
“View My Grades” whether or not a grade has already been assigned.
The incomplete contract is available to add, update and view
through the grade roster. Once the student has “signed” the
contract, the contract will only be available to view.
If an instructor adds an “I” grade, the Incomplete Contract
column will appear dynamically once the first “I” grade has been
Decision point number one:
If contracts were required to be created prior to grade roster
approval, instructors will receive a message asking them to add
an incomplete contract.
If we required student “signatures” prior to grade rosters
being set to “approved” and an instructor tries to set a roster to
approved without the contract being both created by the
instructor and “signed” by the student, the instructor will receive
a message indicating the contract must be approved by the
student before grade roster can be approved.
Available for spring 2011
April/May – available thru Faculty Center and
Student Center

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