Rural Rebranding LOTSW - Live it, breathe it, love GEOGRAPHY!

Rural Rebranding
Last of the Summer Wine, Holmfirth in
the Pennines
How has Holmfirth rebranded itself?
Learning Objectives:
• To investigate the ways in which Holmfirth has
tried to rebrand itself through TV tourism
• To evaluate the success of these strategies
In order to answer this key concept
on the exam spec?
• Managing rural rebranding:
How successful has
rebranding been in the
countryside ?
Holmfirth is a small town located on the A6024
Woodhead Road in the Holme Valley, within
the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, West
Yorkshire, England. Centred upon the
confluence of the Holme and Ribble rivers,
Holmfirth is 6 miles (9.7 km) south of
Huddersfield and 13 miles (21 km) from
Glossop. It mostly consists of stone-built
cottages nestled in the Pennine hills. The Peak
District National Park around Holme Moss is 4
miles (6.4 km) to the south of the town.
Holmfirth (and the surrounding
countryside) is the setting for the BBC's
long-running comedy Last of the
Summer Wine. Thousands of tourists
flock to the area each year to enjoy
scenery and locations familiar from the
Why did Holmfirth need to rebrand?
What problems do rural areas face? (generic)
Cotton manufacture transferred to LEDCs
Small population of less than 200 people
How has Holmfirth rebranded itself?
What can you do in Holmfirth?
Do you think that Rural Rebranding in
Holmfirth has been successful?
• How do you know?
• How would you measure its success?
• Is this type of “rebranding” sustainable?
Explain your answers…
Past Questions on this topic
• Describe the fieldwork and research you
would undertake in order to examine the
success of rebranding solutions in an urban or
rural area (15 marks)
• Using examples, examine the success of rural
rebranding schemes (10 marks)
• Research another rural area that has been
“rebranded”. Explain how and why it has been
rebranded and if this rebranding has been a
success or not?
Fieldwork Activity
• Plan a fieldwork activity that could measure the
success of rebranding in Holmfirth.
• What would your aims be (2 – 3)
• What techniques / methods would you use. These
should be a mixture of primary and secondary.
• Where would you go – mark this onto an
annotated map of the area – use Google maps to
help you.
• Complete a SWOT analysis for your investigation

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